5 Tips to Using Gmail to the Fullest

Almost everyone has a Gmail account. It would be rare to not know someone who does not keep a personal or work email that they access every day. But there is much that can be done in Gmail. Most people don’t go beyond the receiving and sending their emails. Check out the tips below on how you can utilize Gmail to its fullest potential.

Most Popular Gmail Tips and Tricks

1) Schedule messages through Boomerang 

Have you ever felt overwhelmed when you see just how many unopened messages you have in your inbox?  With Boomerang, you can actually snooze messages and have them appear at a time when it is convenient. For example, you are pressed for time and working on several deadlines when you see an email that might be important but not necessarily urgent.

Also with Boomerang, you can schedule when your emails will be sent, which is perfect when you are dealing with clients or customers from other countries or time zones.

2) Send fax through Gmail Fax Pro

Sending a fax may not be as popular as it used to be years ago when every business establishment actually owned one but there are still times when they are needed. The good news is that you do not need to buy a fax machine just to send and receive a fax. You can get a fax number and send a fax using just your Gmail account.

Go to this site in you want more information and tutorials on how to make use of Gmail Fax Pro today.

3) Make it look like Trello through Sortd

If you like making lists, then you are probably familiar with Trello. Many people use this to simplify their lives and sort their lists and priorities. You’ll be happy to know that you can make your Gmail account look like Trello! With Sortd you can categorize your emails then drag and drop them when they are accomplished.

4) Send money to

Who knew that Gmail is not just for sending messages to people from all across the globe? Now, you can actually send cash to people who reside in the US or UK. Just link your Paypal account to your Gmail account, then click on the pound sign seen at the compose window.

5) Manage multiple addresses through Multiple Inboxes 

It’s rare for a person to have just one Gmail account. Many have their email for work purposes, and another one for personal reasons. Still, others make accounts for other purposes, such as a small business venture or they want a different account for all their online purchases. It’s a hassle to log out and log in to the different accounts.

It’s a good thing that Gmail has a feature called Multiple Inboxes where you can actually view several accounts in one view, making it easier to read and reply to the messages you are getting. Look for this feature in Labs, try it today and you’ll find just how convenient it can be.

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