5 Tips of Using Roblox Game Efficiently

ROBLOX is a multiplayer game which is played online. The game is generated by the users. It is a social gaming platform, which has a unique feature. It lets users create their own games within the ROBLOX platform. It is created using the Lua programming language.

The game is known to be family friendly, and it also runs on a wide variety of platforms from PC to Mac to Android and iOS. You can monetize the development, through rewards which can be turned into cash through Dep or Developer Exchange program. While making the game is a fun activity, sometimes the end result is not what you expect. So here are 5 tips for improving your ROBLOX game and to get free robux.


Use Module Scripts:

Using these ModuleScripts will help you create the scripts in a more cleaner and organised way. The inherent benefit is efficiency. For example, it lets you reuse the functions that you might want to repeat in the game without actual replication. MS run one at a time at the very most and they do not execute of their own accord.

A global newly introduced function, require(), can execute the global scripts. They also come with a number of other benefits like when they are giving out results, they can communicate with the functions calling require to give out results as well.

Write Clean Code:

This is a nuanced detail that people miss, but it requires a lot of attention from the part of the creator. A very easy way to start it is by proper indenting. A properly indented code is easier to read and is easier to work with. Do not make your job hard by choosing odd variable names. Stick to the classic methods and choose variable names that you can relate to the program and functions.

Write Functional Code.

When you write clean code you not only need to remove clutter but you also have to make use of all the features provided by the programming language. For instance, it is a god practice to comment your code as you go ahead. A clean code too can become confusing. Use loops hefty. You cannot use loops enough. You can use them in a regular increment situation as well as when you need to compare certain parameters.

Use Studio Tricks:

The studio is a very powerful platform and has a lot of features that one can use. Like script performance view. It is a very versatile feature as far as scripts are concerned. It shows what all scripts are running and how many copies of them are there. Also the simulation running time as well as the frequency with which they execute. Also never underestimate the power of task scheduler.

When ROBLOX is running it is working with a number of things like rendering 3D, receiving network packets. Also, it executed Lua VM and at the same time simulating physics. Task scheduler shows execution statistics of each task and the amount of processing power that they are consuming. It ultimately helps to improve the game’s performance.

Mobile Based Efficiency:

When you are developing for mobile you have to take certain things into account. Take command of your user interface. It has to be lightweight, and the elements that you use should not hinder that gaming experience. Also when you are implementing a game keep your approach simple. You should learn to design complicated gaming into the simple and intuitive design. Taking care of touch is of utmost importance too. You can implement a method in the game to detect user input and to give access to sections of game or place.

There are a number of other improvements that one can bring to the game. But apart from that ROBLOX has also taken care of a number of issues to make the process easier. Like the inclusion of Matchmaking, to rewriting their own database to supplement the matchmaking system. This has led to a lot of work in the direction of database handling and a creation of various state Datastores. ROBLOX is a very interactive platform which has given developers a new window in the gaming scenario.

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