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In this article we have outlined 9 ways in order of effectiveness in which can assist you in increasing your computer speed and Make your computer faster. If you have any questions on how to do any of these tasks, leave a comment.

Tips for Make Computer Faster

Make Your Computer Faster
Make Your Computer Faster

 Tricks for Make Your Computer Faster

Get an SSD/upgrade parts

The best way to increase the computer speed is by adding an SSD, adding RAM or upgrading the processor. These methods are guaranteed to increase computer speed, however they can and will almost always be a pricey upgrade. By adding a Solid State Drive as the boot drive, the time it takes for the computer to turn on and open applications is massively reduced, as there are no moving parts. This means the files can be accessed many times faster. Adding more RAM allows for opening more programs at the one time, and also having the applications be more responsive as a flash cache can be built. An upgraded processor will mean everything from loading web pages to rendering videos will be faster.

Cool Your computer

Oft-neglected, laptop or desktop cooling is one of the most efficient ways to speed up the computer. Cooling computer components allows them to run faster, because when components get hot (because they are under stress), they are performance limited. By cooling the computer more effectively, the components will not be limited.

Disk Cleanup and Defragmenting

One of the most popular ways to increase computer speeds is by running a defragmenter. During regular computer usage, your computer will save files (if you don’t have an SSD) to all different parts of the hard drive. While it might be quicker to write, it is slower to read as the spindle on the hard drive has to go to many different locations. By running a defragmenter, it groups the files together improving read speeds. This is not necessary with an SSD. Disk Cleanups are also good to remove any unnecessary files, and they also make more hard drive space available.


Make Your Computer Faster

Computer restarting clears the RAM, allowing for a fresh start and often solving any problems encountered in the previous session of computing. Photoshop, for example, leaves files cached in the RAM until another program wants to use it OR you restart.. By having free RAM rather than it all being used for caching, performance is enhanced.

Deactive services from automatically starting

Whenever a computer is turned on, many services start that may not be required, including the Apple Mobile Device helper, fax, webcam drivers, printer software etc. Unless these functions are used every time the computer is used, it is generally not necessary to have them all on. These services will start if a program is opened that requires one of these, so disabling any unused services will not harm the computer. Some services however, can be required for Windows operation, so it is important to make sure that the service will not ruin your computer if disabled. To adjust service settings, search for ‘Services’ from the start menu.

Uninstall unused programs

Uninstalling unused programs won’t provide any real speed boost on it’s own, however some programs run in the background that are never used. It also means when looking for the application to use, 10 other applications won’t stand in the way.

Remove unused USB devices

Removing unused or unnecessary devices not only reduces power consumption, but also processor strain. Each device uses a small portion of the processor to work correctly (I.E. a flash drive to display in my computer, a microphone to appear in sound settings) and therefore removing unused devices frees up your processor to do other tasks.

Use Windows Update

Updating the computer regularly is something a lot of users don’t do. By doing this, the computer is going to a be a lot more secure, and also more efficient. When Windows updates itself, developers include improved code that runs using less resources. It is also vital to update any drivers or software.

Clean Registry

CCleaner is a program that can do everything from deleting temporary Internet files, to removing installation files, to disabling programs that start on boot. Running through the various tools of CCleaner will yield better performance and also prevent some errors that may have been experienced.

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