5 Tips to Getting a Copy of Your Social Security Card and Other Documents

1) Gather all the required documents

In order to get your social security card, you have to have in your possession all of the required documents. You have to produce your birth certificate or passport, which will help produce proof that you are indeed a citizen of the United States of America.

Social Security Card

Moreover, you also require either your driving license or your identification card. This will help prove that you are who you claim to be and that you haven’t committed the crime of identity theft. Furthermore, you also require a document that shows your age, for example, a hospital record. All these documents have to be current and not past the expiry date.

2) Make sure you use a private computer

Getting a copy of your social security card or any other document is a process that can be carried out online. This process, however, requires the entering of personal and sensitive information which can be easily used for harm if it falls into the wrong hands.

While doing this process it is there best to use a private computer in which your details are safe and only accessible by you or by any other individual you authorize.

3) Fill the form SS 5

This is the actual form that you fill when you are applying for a new social security card or when you have misplaced it and you want to obtain a new one. Moreover, you can fill this form when you filled in incorrect information during your first application and you would like to make some changes. Make sure you have all the necessary documents as you fill up this form.

You can physically fill the form at the social security office or you can fill the form online and then physically drop it at the office. Be wary of sites that ask you to submit the form after filling it since this is not possible as you have to mail or deliver the form in person to the office. You can visit https://www.application-filing-service.com if you would like to fill the form.

4) Be careful of fraud

If you have lost your social security card and you would like a replacement, before filling out the application for a new one, make sure you report the incident about your lost card to the relevant parties. Place a fraud alert on your card and notify the three credit bureau agencies about your missing social security card.

This will enable them to keep your funds safe by notifying you every time a transaction is carried out using your card in order for you to verify each transaction.

5) Be safe as you apply online

Be safe as you apply online

If you choose to apply for your social security card and documents online then ensure that you do so under a secure connection. Check the URL and make sure that it starts with https at the beginning. Having this will affirm that the site is secure and that consequently, all your sensitive and personal information is safe.

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