Tips for Designing Custom Binders For Presentations

Preparing an excellent business presentation can be a hectic task especially if your promotion days are around. You just have to make sure that you are delivering the best of you so that you can impress your boss and assure him that you are capable of a higher post in the company.

Presentation Binder

Everything matters in a business presentation, the way you carry yourself, how you are dressed up and above everything the design of your custom binders matters the most.

Yes, you read it right, most of the people out there make this mistake of not investing effort on their customer binders, and that then leads to several other problems and a wrong impression too.

Your custom binder has a lot to say about the amount and quality of information you are about to provide to your audience. It also depicts the value of the message that you are about to sell. It’s just that you need to be very serious about your custom binder and put some serious effort to make it look professional and impressive.

Want some tips on how to design the best custom binder and win hearts on your presentation? Well, then here are a few tips that can come in handy for you;

1] Always go for a simple design

Want to make the biggest impact on the people around you? Well, then do not overshadow your custom binder and always pick a simpler design. For ideas, you can search on the internet for the best binders of 2018 and there you will find several options on what to opt for.

You just need to find a fine midline when it comes to the design, it should not be so attractive that it distracts the other people while you are presenting or selling your idea and it should not be too simple to look boring.

Always go for a simple design

2] Use tab dividers for organizing

If it’s a big presentation and if you’ve got a lot on your mind to say then using tab dividers is the best way to make your custom binder look more organized and professional too.

This won’t only put a great impression on the people in the conference room, in fact, it will also help you keep everything clear and you’ll know what you need to talk about or present after you are done discussing one point.

Moreover, you can use words like “Don’t read until the presentation ends”, these things and divider tabs can put a more impressive impression on the people around you, and they’ll also be clear on what to focus on and what not to focus on.

3] Just add the important information

Do not overload the audience with the information and try to be as precise as you can with the design of your custom binder. It’s basically an art on how you can summarize all the important information and make it as clear as possible.

Use highlights in your binder and also, if you want to add some additional information then make sure to highlight that too. Again, this will help your audience know what points should they focus on and what are the ones that can be read later.


These are a few tips that can help you design your custom binder in an extraordinary way. So, use these tips and give the best presentation you can because we assure you that if you have an impressively organized binder, you are going to nail it!

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