5 Things to Look For In a Loan Scam

Do you need a loan? In 2019, there are more loan offers than ever. Everything sounds quite easy and safe, but is it? Nowadays, loan scammers’ creativity seems endless. They are everywhere. They even show up in your email box without your request.

It would help if you were extra careful when looking for a loan that will fit your needs. There are many types of scams. Some are easier to detect than others.

Things to Look For In a Loan Scam

Some scammers will even steal your money without you even noticing. You can now tell the difference between a good loan and a bad one with our five tips that may end up saving your financial future.

1) Be Sure You Know Where the Loan Offer Is Coming From

This is a crucial step. To avoid being caught up in these personal loan scams, if you are not sure of the origin of an offer, you should source some information about that company independently.

Most of these scam companies do not even exist. Therefore, if you cannot ascertain their transparency, that is a warning sign.

2) Never Provide Your Details In Advance

If a company asks you to provide bank or credit card details in advance for upfront fees, you should always be suspicious. This is one of the most common scams. Unfortunately, people are still providing their details without being sure if a company should be trusted or not.

This can end up badly. If you provide those details, they may have a way to get all the money from your account. You may never hear from them again. Always certify that you are speaking to the right company. Your bank can also give you some advice in case you have any doubts.

3) Find Out If a Loan Company Is Operating On Your State

Every loan company has to be registered in your State’s Attorney General office. They may say that theirs is an online or foreign company, so they do not need registration.

Just remember that registration is mandatory for any type of company – foreign or online-based. If they are not registered, there is a high chance of that entity and their operations being scams.

You can check your official registrar’s site for any complaints on that company. Check if they are registered before moving forward with any contact.

Online Loan Scam

4) Very Dangerous Emails

It is common to receive emails you never asked for. Some of the red flags are misspellings, grammar mistakes, and a blank space where it should say your name.

Never open the links in these emails. That alone may be enough to trigger a scam that voids your bank or Paypal account. If you are not sure of the recipient, delete these emails right away and block future contacts.

5) Non-Existing Address

If a company is serious about its business, it must have a physical address. If they do not have one, that is also a red sign. You should investigate the veracity of such a company to make sure it exists!

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