4 Things to Know About Starting a Business In Dubai

The “city of gold” is what Dubai, the Capital of the United Arab Emirates is called. Dubai holds a unique ground as one of the commercially invested cities in the world with many vast business opportunities at its disposal.

The country is known to welcome investors who have innovative modules for commercial enterprise from anywhere in the world.

About Starting a Business In Dubai

The implementation of full control of all business created in the country makes it one of the most recommended countries to invest. Compared to other countries, the government is investor-friendly, especially to start-up businesses, and they offer tax advantages along with benefits on investments.

There are no restrictions on business structure or investment rate; however, the government provides investors different type models to select for their businesses some of which includes exclusive free zone, sole proprietorship, Public shareholding, Joint venture, SME license, Limited Liability Company, commercial agency arrangements, representative or branch office and many more.

With 80%-90% workforce of UAE mostly owned and managed by foreign nationals, starting a business can be tricky and sometimes complicated.

Newly established companies may face some difficulty of fully understanding the standard procedure. Start-up businesses are advised to get familiar with the necessary information required before launching, and some are listed below:

1] Having a Business Advisory Firm Is Important

The Dubai government, as friendly as it may seem, does not take it lightly when businesses do not follow there already laid down rules and regulations. To start a profitable enterprise in this region, a business advisory firm is a suitable option.

The consultants at these business advisory firms will walk you through the appropriate process of setting up a business. Firms like Trade License Zone in Dubai are the best fit for any business investors trying to start up.

They tend to offer personal consultation along with their team of experts to help plan out all business registration from scratch until the very end.

2] Choosing a Suitable Location

The beautiful city of Dubai is filled with lots of places to establish a business, but it is best recommended to choose a location that is sustainable, convenient, suitable, and low cost. Creating a great enterprise does not guarantee the chance of profitability, as it is not worth it if customers cannot reach you.

Businesses are best set up in locations that are profitable to the company. You could also consider distance cost and supportive for your business model. Check whether you meet all trade requirements.

3] Selecting a Free Zone

Foreign investors are required to take on a UAE national as a partner who is called “a local sponsor.” This partner takes up 51% of the company in which investors do not find favorable in some instances.

Although for significant investments like banks, restaurants, malls, retail stores, and other businesses partnered with the governments, having a local sponsor is necessary.

However, Businesses who want duty-free customs boundary, quick start-up, and complete ownership are advised to locate their businesses in the free zones.

4] Picking the Appropriate Business Activity

Business Activities

As commercially oriented as the UAE is in general, it limits and restricts certain business activities.

Although just a few commercial activities are limited, suspended, or restricted in the city, it still, however, permits a whole lot of business enterprise activities established in the right procedure and for the right reason. However, this rule does not apply to businesses set up in free zones or offshore.

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