The Secrets Behind the Technology of Famous “Swiss Watches”

What impression does the ‘Swiss’ tag have on the customers?

We have all heard about Swiss-made watches, they are the best in the world when it comes to luxury watches.  They are the perfect symbol of sophistication mixed with engineering and the end result that you would get is pure precision and prestige.

Swiss Watches

Whenever we hear about anything that is Swiss made, the only thing that comes to our mind is quality and class and the watches are no different. With such grandeur, it is quite evident that the prices of these watches would be higher than the others but the money that they charge is totally worthy of the luxury that these watches bear.

There are many other luxury watch makers that are giving Swiss Watches a very tough competition. However with their innovation and unique technologies, they have been able to maintain a top position in the world of watches.

When is a watch tagged Swiss?

In order to carry the ‘Swiss Made’ tag, the companies have to follow certain criteria and circumstances that are listed below.

  • It follows all the rules and regulations of the Swiss movement and the movement should have been assembled in the country of Switzerland.
  • The movement needs to be inspected by the manufacturers who are based in the country of Switzerland.
  • A minimum of half of the values should consist of Swiss made components excluding the cost of assembling.

Sticking to these sets of rules, a company would be able to call its watches Swiss made.

What makes the Switzerland made watches so famous?

The watch industry in Switzerland is famous all over the world. This makes the country really punctual and people follows time very rigorously here. There is a glorious history of watching making in Switzerland and till date the tradition is being carried forward.

Presently, watches are the third biggest export of the country in terms of value. You would find variety of branded Swiss made watches that are high in quality, technology as well as appearance. Some of the costliest Swiss made watches put into use some complex set of technologies that are truly hard to decipher.

You would find multiple watches that vary in their appearance and are made according to the preferences of the customers. With the perfect amalgamation of traditional craftsmanship and superb technology, the Switzerland made watches have become really famous throughout the world.

What are the different types of Swiss made watches?

You would find 3 different types of Swiss made watches which are listed below.

  • Digital– The digital Swiss made watches are high on technology and are powered with the help of a small battery which are easily available.
  • Quartz– This also consist of a small battery with good longevity from where it gets all of its energy. You would find that the time in these watches are divided by Quartz oscillator which vibrates to the energy supplied by the battery. These watches are perfectly accurate because of their high frequency vibrations. In other words, quartz watches can be defined as accurate time pieces that runs on tiny quartz crystal that are electrified.
  • Mechanical– These are the traditional watches which are made up of 130 parts that are assembled into three parts namely which are basically the sources of energy. As the watch is made up of so many small parts, hence the whole mechanism becomes a bit complicated with the addition of many springs and gears. Because of their superior craftsmanship, these watches cost much more than the other models.

How should you maintain your Swiss made watches?

Being made with such superior craftsmanship, these watches do need some maintenance when it comes to servicing, as you would need to service them every 3 years in order to ensure that they run smoothly. They are really very delicate and even smallest of the particles can make them dysfunctional.

You would also need to remember that these watches should not be exposed to any time of chemicals which can destroy the plating on these watches. Perfumes and other cosmetic materials can also cause a lot of damages to these delicate Swiss made watches.

Finally, owing Swiss made watches is a dream come true for people who loves wearing luxury time pieces. With the all sophistication and class that these watches bear, you would also have to keep in mind that they are really delicate and hence need lots of attention and servicing for smooth functioning. With little care, you will be the proud owner of these beautiful watches for years to come.

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