The Guide to MarTech Today

What is MarTech?

What is there to know about the industry? And why should you care? MarTech (short for marketing technology) refers to marketing initiatives that use new technologies to power their campaigns and efforts.

Guide to MarTech Today

It is a fast-growing industry, expected to hit a worldwide spend of $22.6 BILLION in 2015, with upward growth projected over the coming years. Marketers not paying attention to MarTech will soon find themselves behind the times.

Because every new tool that arrives on the scene changes and influences the way marketers work with, and speak to, our customers. Learn more and explore the wild world of MarTech with us in the infographic below. It’s full of the most recent stats and figures that are relevant for marketers across the globe.

Infographic brought to you by Wrike project management planning tools.

The Guide to MarTech Today

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