Subarray – Review of Generation 2 Cloud Platform

Subarray has recently launched a new cloud platform named as “Generation 2.0” which has several benefits for its users, a report of Subarray says that their new Generation 2.0 cloud platform is great for everyone with fewer complex features and a good startup based on the US.

Subarray – A Different Kind of Cloud

Review of Generation 2 Cloud Platform

The people who are not very much familiar about cloud for them generation 2.0 is good as it is simple to use, before understanding its role you should have little bit knowledge of cloud and its function (work). We normally use the cloud for the purpose of sharing data, resources, software with other people with the help of internet.

In prospect of saving internal memory of device we mostly use the features of cloud. For storing a huge amount of data either of a company or for the individual you can use the cloud instead of purchasing your own server.

It is a type of physical servers which is regulating and maintained by different providers of cloud computing like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft etc and the new name in this list is Subarray which has recently launched this platform and attaining good success.

This sharing of information among different servers by physical means make it more affordable and efficient from any other means used to store data.

As nothing is perfect this cloud facility is also having some problems with it, the Subarray’s Gen 2 cloud platforms works after solving one of its problem which is the non-authorization of cloud users for controlling or including any other or their server into it.

What makes Subarray distinct from others?

The basic thing which makes Gen 2 completely different from other cloud platforms that it is available on an open network which makes its consumers to also act as the provider. This system of Subarray is known as “array computing”.

If we talk more about Gen 2 cloud of Subarray it is known as the distributed virtualization platform on which with the sign up of the user, the servers of them gets automatically sign up which makes their system self-reliant and does remain dependent by any means.

The big cloud platforms of Microsoft and Amazon, the network on which user works is reliant on a centralized system which is being run by the corporation, this problem has also been solved by the latest platform of Subarray.

The users of Gen 2 cloud can also manage the whole group of servers on their mobile with help of mobile-friendly software made by Subarray to reduce any further complication.

For the users running any business or organization, this service is extremely useful and friendly which solves some major issues of normal cloud computing platforms.

Apart from it Subarray’s Gen 2 cloud platform also allows you to share your information with third-party software and hardware which is still not possible on any other platform.

Subarray - Gen 2 cloud platform

By the use of this platform, businesses will really be going to be benefitted with help of this platform as they can also make their clusters of server private or public depending on situation and type of information stored.

This will attract more clients and expand the growth of the business. The subarray is currently new in this field and adding users to their wonderful network, each new user who add their server on this platform will going to earn revenue.

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