Programmes For Programmers: Software To Help You Code

Building a computer programme or learning to code can be difficult. Why not embrace the powers of digital technology to help with your digital needs? There are now special organisation and time-saving tools that help improve your efficiency, speed up projects and prevent common coding headaches (essentially, software to help you make software!). Here are a few examples of programmes that may be worth looking into.

Programmes For Programmers

Programmes For Programmers

Language learning programmes

Whilst courses, workshop and private tuition are an option for some initial learners, those wanting to save money and work more flexibly may prefer a self-taught approach. For such situations you may be best taking an online course. Codeacademy is one of the more popular online learning tools – sign up and download the software and start from scratch.

Talking of ‘scratch’, Scratch is another great tool for learning code, aimed primarily at kids (although adults are willing to give it ago). Scratch is a made up computer language that helps beginners get to grips with the fundamentals of coding languages. If you’re struggling with the basics, this may be a great way to ease you in and help clear things up.

Open source search engines

Coding certain processes can take a lot of painstaking trial and error. However, there may already be someone out there who has found just the code you are looking for. Open source search engines allow programmers to share codes they have discovered with other users. One of the most famous examples was Open Hub Code Search, which has sadly been discontinued. The company has a new programme in the works and there are others available that could prove very useful.

Code sharing cloud technology

Code sharing cloud technology

Whilst working on a project with a team of people, you may all be working remotely and need to share information. Emailing can be slow and tedious, which is where instant messaging services come in. Whilst you can use a regular service, there are some cloud powered information sharing tools specifically set up for collaborative coding that are much glitzier and more professional. Github is a favourite amongst programmers, but there are also many others on the market

Test management software

Software developers who have created their programme and are now looking to test it may want to download special software to monitor the results. This is where programmes such as testing metrics can come in handy. You and your testing team can build reports and give better analytics with easy-to-understand graphs and tables. The testing period is crucial after all – keeping your findings organised can ensure you address every bug and glitch before beta testing.

You should note that there are many other programmes that can help you along the way from graphic design tools to marketing tools for when you finally release your programme. Embrace all the software you can and keep your project running smoothly without a glitch. 🙂

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