Social Casino – Real Fun or Just a Trend

Social Casinos: Success History

Keeping up with the times, companies operating in the online gambling industry offer more and more opportunities to their customers to play in social networks such as Facebook and Google+. Both small and large software developers combine the mechanics of common casino gambles with social features.

The main characteristic of such type of entertainment distinguishing them from ordinary gambling is that it is impossible monetize the win. Hence, instead of a financial reward, social entertainment offers a variety of virtual bonuses and sometimes flyers or discounts on real events. The popularity of such games is just incredible. It is no surprise that currently more than a quarter of total revenue of the betting market goes to social games. And EvenBetGaming casino software developers specialize in development of gambling software for the purposes of any online casino.

Social Casinos

A New Way to Play Games

At its core, these games are almost indistinguishable from the test games “on chips” offered in all online casinos. However, players of such games perceive this activity as a training step ahead of the gamble for real money and the way to have fun.

Social Casino Market

Currently, this market continues to thrive. After the quick development of these games in 2014 in social networks, in 2015 it began its explosive growth in varied mobile platforms. And, if in 2014 the total revenue amounted to $2 billion, the previous year it reached 3 billion.

Obviously, such games are now one of the most profitable sector of the mobile gaming market and mobile applications. They have burst into the “big leagues” of gambling: this industry has generated billions of dollars in pure profits for the last 2 years.

This is due to the quick growth of Facebook and other networks, as well as the wide spread of mobile technologies, which has created a lot of project mergers and the creation of thousands of start-ups. Nowadays, licensed companies which own land-based and online betting houses spend millions of dollars to get into this business.

Benefits of Social Casinos

Taking the above into account, a “casino” is a promising trend for worldwide developers and investors since it can exist in parallel with an online casino doubling your profits. Among the advantages of this type of entertainment is the legality of this field, access to the platforms of social networks and mobile application store (Google Play, Apple Store, and Windows Phone).

In addition, any betting house of this sort can introduce the audience to the world of gambling and encourage people to try their luck at online casino gambling with real stakes and winnings.
Although this market is very large and dynamically developing, there is still plenty room for new start-ups to take place.

Social Casino

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