5 SEO Myths That You Should Know About

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has gained a reputation for being one of the most crucial elements of a digital strategy. The reason is that it focuses on taking a business website on the top of the search rankings, which itself is the main purpose of digital marketing.

Top SEO Myths

Even though a majority of businesses are embracing SEO today to boost their visibility and revenues, there are some myths that paint a wrong picture of this digital marketing technique.

Whether you are a business looking to build an online presence or a reseller considering hiring an agency to handle SEO for your clients, you need to know about these misconceptions. Let us debunk the most common myths about SEO and give you clear facts.

1] SEO guarantees rankings

Reaching the top search rankings is a tricky task that can take months to be achieved. SEO does not guarantee lightning fast and sure results and you should not fall for any false claims. A good SEO agency will not promise miracles but rather focus on factors like content and user experience to strengthen your core first.

Furthermore, they will make efforts to boost your presence with the help of the right keywords. If you are a reseller looking for a reliable outsourcing service provider, you can check
https://www.submitcore.com/seo-reseller/ to partner with a result-oriented team.

2] Link building is no longer important

Another SEO myth that needs to be clarified is related to link building as it has not lost its significance in any way. Links are still a major part of the way that Google decides the sites that make it to the top ranks.

Getting good backlinks, therefore, can help you to strengthen your online presence. This may require some investment but the results it brings will be worth every penny that you spend.

3] More pages will get you higher ranks

If you think that having more pages on your website will fetch you a higher rank, you are mistaken. There are websites that are ranking high for their target keywords irrespective of the fact that they have a few pages.

The quality and value of the content you serve on your site is more important than the number of pages. It is equally important to update the content regularly to maintain your ranking, which is the reason that blog becomes a significant element of SEO strategy.

4] Only exact keywords will drive results

Another common SEO misconception is that only using the exact target keywords will get you results. This was true earlier but Google has adopted a more sophisticated approach that gives emphasis to the context and relevance.

Consequently, keyword variations have become as important as the target keywords. With this, SEO strategists have started focusing on optimizing the content or blog post with keywords as well as variations.

5] Mobile optimization is not important

Mobile Optimization

If you are not including mobile optimization in your SEO strategy, you should not expect the site to reach the top. Google algorithm has been tweaked to give preference to websites that are optimized for delivering consistent user experiences across the web and the mobile. Thus, it becomes important to debunk this myth too.

As a business, you should look for a skilled and experienced SEO partner that knows all about the ways of getting optimal results for your business website with minimal efforts.

At the same time, you should have your basics right so that you are aware of the best practices used to get good search rankings for your site.

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