Salesforce CRM Consultants Salary Survey 2020

How will Salesforce boost your career in 2020?

Customer relationship management has now appeared in the market as one of the most capable career fields for candidates all over the world. How will Salesforce CRM assist you to become successful this year? Let’s know more.

Ever surprise why the entire organizations are now moving towards customer-centric? Whether it is a technology company or a distinctive manufacturing industry each company wants to keep up relations with its clients.

Salesforce CRM

The concept of customer achievement is being changed with customer maintenance and reliability. This transformation of ideation has directed to the growth of CRM tools completely dedicated to providing the customers 24x7x365.

Some of the attention-grabbing Salesforce CRM features include.

  • Salesforce CRM software was firstly positioned in Amazon for cloud services.
  • This CRM software is the leading company in the world which developed App stores in 2005.
  • Nominated as the most advanced company in the world by Forbes for a constant four years in a queue.

Growth and market share of Salesforce

According to Gartner, the CRM software market achieved around $27.5B in 2015, high from $23.8B in 2014, and shows a 12.3% yearly development which is further considered to achieve $45.5 billion by 2020.

On the other hand, the top company which explained the CRM market is Salesforce. A CRM tool offers a wide range of services entirely on the cloud. It has positioned as the head in the CRM market for the four successive years Salesforce CRM is running the digital world with its complete unmatched services.

Like other competitors in the market, Salesforce has seized completely the vast market share by offering a hard competition to some of the major retailers in the world such as Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, Adobe, and others.

According to Forbes reports, the Adobe, Microsoft, and Salesforce are increasing full and swing in the market. According to a statement mentioned by Gartner in the year 2016, Salesforce CRM tool was graded as the prominent company that caters in the domain of CRM produces augmented profits than the colossal of technology.

Why is Salesforce chosen by the enterprises?

Salesforce has dealt to stay on the most selected CRM tools for the enterprises over the years and a key reason behind this information is it’s wide-ranging of services accessible for companies of every type and range.

According to Gartner’s report, Salesforce is a clear CRM software market share leader. Throughout the previous year, the company developed more rapidly than the market and almost three times the fee of its next three entrants.

What are the benefits of Salesforce CRM?

1] Revenue growth 

Earlier, dealing with contacts were enough to maintain a lasting association with the consumers. These days the companies require more than just a tool. They wish for a good service that can help to recognize the prospective customers and modify the services.

Salesforce enables the firms to boost their profits with their tailored services according to the need. Today more than 100,000 of world’s first-rate companies generate its customer base.

2] Augmented customer satisfaction 

Customer satisfaction is the main objective of any business. Salesforce deals with all the requirements of its customers in a mobile trend and makes it a highly efficient service platform at reasonable prices.

The companies which have executed a Salesforce CRM tool statement that it has augmented the customer satisfaction measure by 45% which directly associated with the revenue acquired.

3] Better ROI 

Salesforce helps its customer’s several manners right from producing leads, looking forward to consumer behaviour, tracking the business to augment customer trustworthiness. No need to download any hardware or software as the complete tool functions on the cloud. These all great features promote CRM market.

Salesforce CRM Consultants

Do you need certification?

If you want to begin your career into CRM space you so, without a doubt need a certification. Whether you are a novice or an experienced training holder, but acquiring a certification will always make you outshine in the throng. How will Salesforce certification assist you to stand out in your career?

The Salesforce Training in Bangalore covers all the essential topics such as Data modeling, Salesforce basics, data management, data security and sharing, data analysis reports and data dashboards, and more. You will be prepared for a professional work setting by getting training on live projects.

You will achieve knowledge and expertise in managing the Salesforce dashboard, Salesforce instance, and platform. It will help you in dealing with the customization of the CRM platform and SFDC Application Configuration.

To import or export huge data, a study on the apex data loader is utilized. With this training, you will get Salesforce certification.

1] Great job opportunity

The companies which execute this technology that usually requires certified professionals to perform the jobs. These professionals meet some of the multifaceted responsibilities being.

  • Technical Architect.
  • Salesforce Consultant.
  • Salesforce Project Manager.
  • The Salesforce Business Analyst.
  • Salesforce Developer and more.

2] Attractive salary

These highly trained persons obtain a handsome salary package which is equal to or over the software developers and Big data professionals. A general idea of salary packages offered to the Salesforce professionals include.

One thing is obvious, however, and that’s the worth of Salesforce certifications within the network. A huge 77% of Salesforce professionals now have at least one Salesforce certification, and companies look to value them.

  • 75% of companies added to the rate of the tests for their employee.
  • Those professional instructors whose employers break off in for their certification, 91% had it salaried in full payment.
  • Over a third (39%) of respondents stated that their salary had augmented since done their certification.

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