Remote DBA Services Considered as Next Big Thing in Database Management

We can observe a lot of evolution in the world of databases. One of them can be the overall buzz about the Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS). Database as a service is nothing but a cloud which offers companies accesses to digital data warehouses for renting purpose. These services offer operations specially streamlined for enterprise customers. As more and more companies recognize the importance of database as a service, the providers and features are evolving in a user friendly method of database management. If you are still not properly familiar with this new technology, you can go through this article to learn about the benefits of this service as well as the right method for choosing an ideal solution for meeting your organizational needs.

Remote DBA Services In Database Management


Remote DBA Services
Remote DBA Services

Evolution of Database as a Service:

Within a decade or two, database has evolved a lot. Long time back, companies considered a database as ‘bare metal’ server mostly on every site. They properly dedicated resources like people, budget, repair, maintenance, operating systems and databases. Installing a database at that time required a few weeks or even months.

For reducing the complexity of installation and time, the industry gradually moved forward to automated solutions. Improved responsiveness and higher utilization were channeled into the data center through various technologies like virtualization. In this age of cloud computing, databases can be run through cloud hosted servers where operating systems and databases can be virtualized easily.

Databases can also be run through the various dedicated hardware tools, but automation can be helpful in every aspect when you are managing a database for a long time. Single database was generally used in traditional corporate houses. But ‘polyglot persistence’ helps in managing various applications and technologies simultaneously, promoting multitasking activities. 24X7 remote DBA services can help you in monitoring, provisioning and configuration of various IT functions that require quick adaptation.

Rise of Database as a Service:

Repetitive manual tasks can be avoided and configuration errors can be eliminated through the automation process. Gone are the days when IT personnel require learning and managing almost every aspect of every system. Like a point and shoot digital camera, companies offering database as service can also provide a similar kind of professional training which is required for managing databases smoothly without getting obstructed. Database as a service helps in rectifying mistakes, transferring data from one system to another and solving problems without any hindrances. They can meet customer requirements and can offer better security and availability in operations of all in house functions.

As a service, database can be catered to a large target group of audiences. It can be principally configured, defined and driven by codes and not mere typing commands and reaching terminals. Therefore, instead of database specialists, developers itself can easily manage and create cloud based platforms and database-backed up apps.

Future of Database as a Service:

Database as a service can be responsible for key technologies like open source databases MySQL. As the importance of database as a service is growing day by day, some large firms and tech giants have already started to offer inbuilt versions of their own. Initially they have built service versions for meeting in-house requirements. But best dba support has started offering services to other business of installing and running the databases in an error free manner.

Database as a service can therefore be considered as a well timed process that can put technology into the next step. Companies of various sizes and types are embracing database as a service so that redundancies can be eliminated and customers’ loads can be eased out. Select the right DBaaS service providers that suit all requirements of your organization easily.

Author Bio: Larry Hawkins is a well known database administrator. In this article, he has properly explained the needs of Database as a service (DBaaS) for your own organization.

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