Reduce the Counting Stress With Online Word Counters

It is a big stress to count the words while writing content. Consider that you have to prepare a project report and your boss has told to you to have a word limit range between 1500 and 2000 words. This simply means that the minimum number of words should be 1500 along with a maximum limit of 2000 words.

Online Word Counters

Working on a project report means concentrating on the project scope, resources, timelines, risk mitigation strategies and countless other areas. This obviously does not leave anytime for counting the number of words. However, producing the correct count is very important.

What is an easier option to produce the correct word count? Using a word counter is definitely much easier than checking the words manually.

The word counter is a cost free option

Do you have to spend money for using the word counter tool? The answer to this question is no. This tool is completely free and users do not have to restrict the usage frequency as well. It is obvious that when you have a free tool which can determine the word count, manual counting is not the best way out.

However, it is a key aspect that the writers should check the standard of the tool. Every word counting tool is not reliable enough and may not be producing the correct count of words.

Who would find the word counter useful?

The word counting tool is suitable for a lot of user types. Some of them are listed below.

Students working on assignments

Scoring a good grade in assignments is a big challenge for students. They have to put in a lot of time and the research work is tough as well. Every assignment has specific count of words. While checking the assignment, the teacher would check whether the word count requirements have been met or not.

Presenting the incorrect word count obviously means that your grade would go down. In addition to that, not using a word counter means you would be spending a lot of time on counting the words which is a major risk as well.

For college and university students, using a word counter is immensely important. As they have to produce assignments in quick time without hampering the quality level, using a good tool is the key for them. Why do some of the best students fail to get high grades in their assignments?

This question has a simple answer. They spend time on unnecessary tasks. For instance, when you talk about counting the number of words, the task can easily be completed by using a word counter. A word counter is an automated tool that determines the correct count instantly and without any trouble.

Professional bloggers and article writers

In today’s time, the role of article writers and bloggers is quite high.  They contribute a lot to the growth of an online brand. Companies and brands that have fresh updated content online excel and get an upper hand on their rivals. Article writers carry the great responsibility of producing fresh original content every now and then.

More than anything, they have to keep a check on the number of words that each post has. Websites have varying requirements in terms of number of words.

Hence, writers need to be sure that the written posts match those requirements. For them, counting the number of words manually proves to be a daunting task. Using a word counter is something that helps them tremendously.

  • A word counter determines the count of words instantly so writers do not have to wait for a long span. This option is more convenient than counting the words line by line. Most writers have to work on multiple posts at the same time and the content quality has to be maintained for each one of them. They cannot afford to spend time on counting the words because the timelines are tough. The word counter is an amazing tool for them. It helps them in getting accurate counts whenever the need is there.
  • For article writers and bloggers, it is not possible to spend money on expensive tools. Most quality soft wares have charges and the user is able to use them only after they have purchased the tool. Word counters are not paid soft wares and most of them are free. For article writers, this is a big relief as they do not have to spend money for using a quality tool.

Research writers working on academic submissions

A lot of research work is required to produce an academic paper. It is not simply about completing the count of words and writers have to keep a check on what they write. In a nutshell, they have to complete several tasks.

These professionals do not have the time to count the words while they are working on each section. It becomes hard for them to meet submission timelines. A word counter determines the correct word count and the writer does not have to apply any concentration for it.

Word counters scan through written content and determine the count of words it has. These tools are very quick and produce accurate results. For academic writers, these are mandatory requirements.

Consider that you are working on the abstract of a term paper. The word count of this section is very specific. Hence, you cannot take any chances with it. In addition to that, if you spend time on counting the words, the actual content areas would be spoilt.


Word counters offer a lot of assistance for writing professionals irrespective of the area they are related to. if you are a blogger, academic writer, article writer or related to any other form of writing, this tool can surely help you. During the writing process, the words have to be counted at multiple stages.

For a professional writer, it is not simple to halt his creativity process, count the number of words and then revert back to the writing process. If you use a word counter, the correct number of words can be gauged easily without any attention lapse.

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