Recent Security Threats & How To Deal With Them

Issues of safety and security are always in the news. It’s enough to terrify even the hardest of us all. There’s nothing scarier than the threat of intruders in your home, or fraudsters stealing your identity. The most worrying part is the enormous scale of modern threats. Security is no longer confined to our homes and business premises. It’s all around us online. Today, we’re looking at some of the recent security threats that are rearing their ugly heads. Most importantly, we’ll look at how to deal with them, and protect yourself.

Recent Security Threats
Recent Security Threats

Identity fraud

As citizens, we’re growing more concerned than ever about identity fraud. In the past, this was a very difficult crime to commit. Now, it’s easy to find out every small part of someone’s lives. Why? We keep it all on our computers. Bank details, personal information, and personality traits can all be found online. The best protection? Strong passwords and careful disposal of credit card bills.

Mobile device theft

Did you know there are now more mobile phones on the planet than people? That’s a staggering amount of mobile devices, and we’re all walking around with them. Mobile device theft is now the most common petty crime in the country. Swiping a phone from someone’s pocket is now easier than ever. Then, it’s a simple case of unlocking the phone, and using it anew. Make sure you keep yours close to your body. Most importantly, make sure the screen is locked with a strong key number.

Cloud hacking

Whether we realise it or not, we’re all moving towards the cloud. If you backup your data with Apple Time Machine, you’re using the cloud. If you use Spotify or Netflix to stream media, you’re using the cloud. These are wide open servers with lots of information. Hackers are slowly mastering the art of cloud security, and infiltrating poor systems. Most of the big companies are safeguarded, but be careful who you share data with.

Car hacking

Modern vehicles are fitted with electronic entry devices. They need an electric key to enter and start the engine. Sophisticated hackers have found a way to duplicate the electronic tagging system. They can now exchange the data in just a few minutes. Thieves are no longer targeting the rusty old bangers. They’re targeting the high-end, luxury electric cars.

Home security

Of course, traditional threats still persist. Our homes are still high targets for thieves, especially while you’re away on holiday. Keep the home well lit and ask the neighbours to look for suspicious activity while you’re away.

Heritage site theft

It may not sound like a particularly high-tech crime, but it’s increasing rapidly. Thieves have spotted the value in the lead of church roofs and heritage sites. Vast swathes of it are going missing across the country. The best solution is remote monitoring cameras from Compound Security Specialists. It will deter thieves and catch any intruders red-handed.

Security is a very real concern for a lot of people. Crime attacks when you least expect it, so follow this advice, and keep your eyes open.

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