5 Reasons Your Mac Is Running Slow

Having a computer running slow, especially such as a powerful machine as Mac, is certainly very annoying and frustrating. You should keep in mind that it is common for computers to experience a dip in performance once in a while. Just like humans, the older the machine gets, the slower it becomes.

Reasons Your Mac Is Running Slow

If you are currently at your wit’s end coping with a snail pace Apple mac, listen up as here are some simple tips to speed up your tired machine.

Reason 1: Too Many Opened Apps

There are several things that we can look at in order to find out what is causing your Mac to considerably slow down its performance. The first is to look at how many windows and applications you have opened at the same moment.

It is true that Mac is capable of being able to perform many memory-intensive tasks at a time. In the beginning, this function does work well, but as the months roll on and your Mac’s disk space begins to fill up with cache files, photos and movies, the ability to run programs simultaneously will start to get a bit foggy.

Reason 2: Too Many Opened Browser Windows and Tabs

Just like us, the fewer tasks we take on board at once, the better we will perform at them. The same goes for any Internet browser, no matter how powerful it is. Experts suggest that no more than three tabs should be open at the same time.

You can try a browser extension app to manage tabs that you need for work. Updating your browser to the latest version also helps speed up the performance.

Reason 3: Snail-Pace Broadband Speed

Perhaps it is not so much your Mac should be blamed, but your local broadband connection is sluggish. If you don’t believe that the problem is on your Internet provider’s end, that is causing problems, let’s take a look at your Mac. If this is the case, there are several things we can try to tackle this problem.

Whilst you are surfing the web it is best to limit your tabs and windows to as few as possible. The more you have open and the more pages are loading at the same time, the slower the performance of your Mac will be.

Slow Mac

Reason 4: Overloaded Browser Cache

When was the last time you cleaned out and deleted your browsing history and cache? If you are wrecking your brain for answers then it must have been a long time ago. Just like cleaning out your hard drive, it is essential to de-clutter the memory of your browser.

Think about how many pages you open during any given day, and multiply that by 30 to imagine the amount of cached images and history are getting stored on your browser during a month. No matter how powerful your computer is, that’s quite a lot. Delete the cache following the browser instructions.

If after all this all the websites you visit still loading slowly, then we suggest trying a different browser. Top browsers for Apple devices are Mozilla Firefox and Chrome.

Reason 5. Clogged Hard Drive

If simple tips above don’t work for you, the only thing left to do is to clean your Mac. There are gigabytes of redundant files, folders, data, apps, and poorly uninstalled software lurking inside the computer’s operating memory, taking up valuable resources and causing your once powerful computer to work slowly.

You can detect how much space you’ve got by looking at Apple menu > About This Mac. Once there, navigate to Storage > Manage and move some files to the cloud, optimize storage, or alternatively choose the option to reduce clutter – browse large files and applications to see if you still need them or not.

You can also try using special apps that can detect and delete the trash files you have accumulated over time. Here’s a good how-to topic that will help you out: https://macpaw.com/how-to/fix-mac-running-slow. If you don’t feel like you want to delete all of those files once and for all, just upload them to Google Disk or an external hard drive.

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