5 Reasons to Stop Drinking Alcohol Immediately

Looking for setting new year’s resolution? This may be the right time to quit alcohol because it’s never too late, to take the right step. If you have been a heavy drinker in the past, you might be on the verge of developing liver-related diseases.

How to stop drinking alcohol completely

If you think that drinking is a necessity in every social event, you might be wrong it is just a norm created by people. Also, who likes the nerves breaking hangover in the morning, you might think that you are having an enjoyable time but dying of thirst later after and headache is never enjoyable.

If you are having a problem in quitting, here are some reasons to help you out.

1) Perilous diseases

It has been a well-known fact that alcohol is one of the major causes of life taking diseases like cancer. From the recent researches, it has been found that a certain amount of alcohol consumption can lead to cancer in lunges, throat, mouth, breast and most importantly in the liver.

Every year thousands of people become the victim. With the increasing trend to alcohol consumption, most of the people don’t even know what they are doing to their lives. If you are lucky enough and these diseases do not take your life, they will somehow leave you with defected organs.

Liver cirrhosis, a liver disease which eats up liver cells and causes the damage which is not yet treatable. About 20% of heavy alcohol drinkers tend to develop this disease. Most of the people are not lucky enough to recover from this disease and die. Liver cirrhosis is the 12-major cause of death.

2) Depression

When we say dangerous diseases, depression is one of them. We cannot ignore the fact that alcohol is one of the leading causes of depression. It might give you a sigh of relief while you are under its effect but later, it will lead to high mental disorders like depression.

People seem to believe that alcohol is a stress reliever but, it just numbs the nerves for a while and then later increases the levels of serotonin which causes depression. Although depression is curable, what we do not realize is that it also has levels, like any other disease. If the condition gets worse, a person might commit self-harm and in some cases, commits suicide.

3) Memory loss

Memory loss with the addition of blurry sight, poor hearing are the side effects of alcohol consumption. If you have had enough alcohol, you might not remember anything at all. From the recent research, it has been found that your brain does not record anything while you are high. So, no matter what happens, you will not have a clue.

Apart from that, as your age grows, you can suffer from more rapid memory loss. If you drink more than 2.5 alcohol-containing beverages per day, you are at a substantial risk of having this problem.

4) It affects your weight

Now, let’s take a look at how does alcohol affect weight. Heavy drinkers incline to gain weight especially if you are a male. Age factor does not matter here. You can belong to any age group and will still gain weight if you do not keep your drinks in check.

5) Effects sleep

When you have alcohol, it is going to affect each and everything in some way. Alcohol consumption can help you in a way if you are not able to fall asleep. It helps you sleep faster, but later the night you might wake up or feel disturbed. Alcohol resists you from having a deep night sleep. Having less amount of sleep can affect your whole schedule. It also leads to poor digestion.

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