5 Proven Ways of Lead Generating without a Sales Team

“How do I generate leads when I can’t afford to have a sales team working on it?” this is the most commonly occurring theme of questions from my clients these past few years. I have worked with other web experts and experienced digital marketing professionals in my career as a marketing consultant, and decided to get their thoughts on this.

Best Lead Generation Strategies

Lead Generating

Their comments and opinions made me realize that not every marketing and lead generating medium suits every company or organization. So, the next question that clients might ask me is, “How do I know which is the best marketing medium for me?”

Based on my own experience as a marketing professional(as well as on the opinion of other experts in this field) I deduced 5 ways that are proven to improve lead generation for any type of business organization without the need of employing an extensive sales team for the activity.

1) Customer Referrals

Since the beginning, advertising professionals had realized the immense efficiency of ‘word of mouth’ promotion by satisfied customers to their near and dear ones. This works best as the customer already knows what you have to offer and will refer a lead which will ensure a sale. Apart from this, the referred customer is also more likely to trust the existing customer’s advice and ensure higher chances of a sale.


Several leaders in digital marketing swear by the effectiveness of these marketing methods. Although effective SEO and SEM will require you to hire a professional SEO management company, this is far more cost-effective in the long-term and gives better and faster results as compared to hiring, training and managing your own team of sales executives.

3) Content Marketing

Content Marketing

The best way to attract buyers online, according to various marketing experts, is useful and good quality content. Apart from helping you score higher ranking on SEO this also helps your customer to instantly make a decision once they read the offered informatory content on your website. However, the catch in this media today is to try and not sell directly. Get the content prepared in a way that the reader will be completely satisfied with the information and inclined to buy your offered product or service?

4) Presentations at Industrial Events

One of the best ways to generate high-potential leads is to give frequent presentations at all relevant industrial and corporate events. This should be ideally followed with customized letters to participants or personalized call and emails to them. A presentation at a relevant industrial event lets the players know more about you, your work and your company’s aims.

5) Social Media

Using popular social media platforms, mainly Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., can also effectively help you connect with potential new customers over the internet. However, with nearly every other brand advertising on these social media websites you need to have a unique and truly innovative presentation for these social connection sites for effective lead generation.

These are the 5 best ways to generate leads without the need for hiring a dedicated sales team to manage complicated promotion campaigns. It is important to remember what I said earlier, that each of these lead generation mediums work more effectively for one company than the other, so it is sensible to test each one of these options to check their effectiveness and lucrative features for your particular need. 🙂

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  1. Hi Harshil,

    Thanks for sharing the article about generating a lead without a sales team. Nowadays, Influencer Marketing is also playing an important role in generating leads.

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