Play Fantasy Cricket Game & Fantasy League Online On Dream 11

Sports has always been a huge crowd puller; be it football or cricket or even hockey. Fans are crazy about the games and the players, often surpassing levels of sanity at times. People do crazy things for the love of cricket or any other sport! With the internet changing a lot of things in the world, can sports be far behind?

Play Fantasy Cricket Game & Fantasy League Online

Fantasy sports is an online game where players can create virtual teams constituting real players of any professional sport (NBA, cricket, football, etc.). Since playing a game is not possible for every individual, fantasy sports allow them to fulfil this dream while also providing them with an opportunity to win big money.

A lot of options are available when it comes to playing fantasy sports. You can choose any player to create a team and Play Fantasy Cricket Game & Fantasy Leagues Online On Dream 11. To know more about Dream11, click here to read our previous article.

A number of options like daily fantasy sports or other contests provide you with ample opportunity to put your knowledge of the game to test. Your ability to analyze match statistics and player strengths to choose your team will provide you with an opportunity to earn too!

How to Play Fantasy Cricket?

At a time, a number of matches are taking place across the world. While it is not possible to follow all matches, you can enjoy the thrill of the game with your own fantasy league.

You can choose any players from teams who are playing live matches, to form your team. To have the best team, you not only need to be aware of player statistics but also the pitch and weather conditions where the matches are taking place.

As and when runs or goals are scored in live matches, so does your scorecard. Your scorecards are updated as and when your players face balls to score or goals to be made. Winning a fantasy league is a game of skill, which is applied when you choose your team.

For eg:- In a T20 match, the rules of winning fantasy league cricket match are simple. Your batsmen need to score the maximum amount of runs possible in the 20 overs of batting innings whereas your bowlers should be able to take all 10 wickets or bowl for 20 overs conceding fewer runs in the bowling innings. To add strategy and logic to the game, some basic rules are followed.

  • Your fantasy cricket team’s batting innings is complete at the end of 20 overs or 120 balls faced by different players across different teams in various matches being played live. Any runs that are scored by those players present in your batting order will not be counted in your batting innings total.
  • Similarly, your bowling innings end when 20 overs are bowled or 10 wickets taken. Any runs given after 20 overs are bowled or 10 wickets taken by any player belonging to your bowling order are not added to your bowling innings total.

Considering that the rules are fairly simple, anyone with a passion for any sport and extensive knowledge about players and playing conditions can build a team which is simply unbeatable in a fantasy league.

Dream 11 is a place where sports enthusiasts can have an amazing time, enjoying and earning simultaneously from their passion for a particular sport!

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