5 Pinterest Careers to Work From Home

Pinterest has become one of the most visited social media platforms. People visit the site to get business ideas, fashion tips, find inspirations, wedding designs, and other concepts.

Pinterest – Remote Work From Home & Flexible Jobs

Pinterest Careers to Work From Home

It is a unique social media platform that provides many temporary and remote opportunities. If you are searching for telecommuting jobs, this could be a great place to consider.

Pinterest is a sharing and a social site. People like the platform because it helps them discover ideas, concepts, and tips through images, GIFs, videos, and others in the form of pinboards.

There are internship opportunities, openings for recent graduates, and part-time positions for all. You can search for sales and marketing jobs, engineering jobs, community operations, and communication vacancies.

Below are 5 top Pinterest jobs to work from home.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Every company would like to offer meaningful content to its customers. It also wants the content to be engaging and easily found on Pinterest.

Therefore, they are looking for people who can help them do that. A digital marketing specialist is an expert who can work with the marketing team to create a brand image and appealing Pinterest content.

He or she ensures the company’s presence on social media, especially Pinterest is well presented. He creates and manages the Pinboards.

A digital marketing specialist is one of the most searched Pinterest work from home jobs. This is because every company wants to communicate appropriately through Pinboards to its customers.

If you would like to work as a digital marketing specialist, you should be familiar with the basics of marketing, be creative, and be familiar with the key Pinterest tools.

Also, knowing the key areas of Pinterest is an added advantage. You should know how to plan, develop, and implement various marketing strategies.

You can be hired by an agency or be a freelancer. Happily, many companies are searching for people to work as digital marketing specialists. Thus, if you have some skills and experience in Pinterest, you can search for a remote digital marketing specialist job.

To qualify as a digital marketing specialist, a diploma or degree in graphics is required. Additionally, you should have some years of experience in marketing and a deep understanding of Pinterest tools and practices.

Pinterest Ads Expert

Pinterest Ads expert is also known as a Pinterest marketing expert. He or she is an expert who helps a company set up Pinterest accounts and enhances the profiles with SEO keywords.

A Pinterest Ads expert helps companies connect with the required audience through Pinboards. By taking care of all the details and knowing the number of Pins to be posted, a company can manage to have an effective process on Pinterest.

Therefore, if you would like to start a career as a Pinterest Ads expert, you should be able to apply the required tools and practices, be able to design attractive pins, and manage to plan them at the best time.

Apart from creating good pins, you should be able to monitor and access the promoted campaigns and evaluate the traffic generated. As a freelancer, you can produce friendly pins for many clients while working from home.

A Pinterest Ads expert can also offer other social media advertising and marketing services. Since a company may have several social media accounts, you are in charge of promoting and advertising across all social media platforms.

An ideal freelancer Pinterest Ads expert should have a diploma or a degree in marketing, have experience in social media marketing, has a passion for social media tools and programs, and knowledge of Google Analytics.


Among the best Pinterest careers is a Copywriter. A Pinterest copywriter is responsible for creating words, sayings, slogans, and other materials that accompany marketing Pins. So, if you are a creative, talented, and skilled writer, you can start a career in copywriting.

Companies all over the world are hiring freelance Pinterest copywriters. They are searching for creative people who can manage to develop engaging pinboards.

An ideal candidate should have strong communication skills and be able to manage several projects.

Some of the duties of a Pinterest copywriter include developing pleasing concepts for Pinterest and other social media platforms, ensuring good usage of grammar and style, building a Pinterest calendar, and working with the marketing team to create appealing visual images for Pinterest.

To work as a copywriter, you should have excellent writing skills, a good understanding of social media practices, and experience in Pinterest copywriting or web copywriting.

You should also be detail-oriented, knowledge of writing tools, and someone who can create Pinterest strategic content.

Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Another great Pinterest career to work from home is Virtual assistant. The main duty of a Pinterest Virtual assistant is to help a company start, grow, and manage Pinterest accounts.

You are in charge of creating Pins, analyzing Pinterest analytics, and planning content to Pinterest.

Since maintaining Pinterest presence is not a simple job, small companies, individuals, and organizations are looking for people who can manage the accounts from the home office.

Even though the duties and responsibilities of a Pinterest Virtual assistant may vary from one company to another, creating, writing pinboard descriptions, and managing the accounts are the main tasks.

Therefore, you need to have worked as a virtual assistant or you are familiar with the roles and responsibilities. Other important skills needed are strong oral and writing skills, excellent computer skills, pinboard creating skills, and creativity.

If you have a diploma or a degree in marketing, you have experience in managing social media accounts; you can work as a Pinterest virtual assistant. Some online courses and resources can help you gain the required skills.

Pinterest Operations Associate

A Pinterest operations associate work is to drive critical business understandings on Pinterest and other social media platforms. By partnering with the marketing team, an associate can help improve the shape of Pinterest.

Duties of Pinterest operations associate include defining KPIs, tackling critical questions concerning Pinterest growth, and forecasting and reporting for strategic planning. Therefore, he or she should work with the finance team to craft budgets and costs.

To work as a Pinterest operations associate, you should have experience in consulting, have data analysis skills, strong written and oral communication skills, a team player, and be detail-oriented.

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