Outdoor TVs: Best Features to Look For

The concept of entertainment outdoors is not restricted to having barbecue and beach parties only. The patio, garden or even the backside of the house can be embellished with various appliances these days to enhance the outdoor fun; one such gadget is – outdoor TV.

Outdoor TVs

When we are bringing electronics and outdoor conditions together, the former has to have features that can withstand challenges posed by nature. So, listed here are some of the essential and desirable features that you must look for in your outdoor TV.

1] Weather-resistant cables and frame

All TVs meant for outdoor spaces need to be protected from extreme heat, moisture and sometimes, cold too. These are also exposed to the risk of wires catching fire. Thus, one of the most important features to look for is water-proof and overall weather-proof cable.

The frame of the TV is also preferred in metallic coating made in options such as aluminum, stainless steel or rust-free powder coated metal. A feature like ventilation holes for keeping the internal temperatures optimal is also worth looking for.

2] Wi-Fi connectivity

Mostly, the idea of installing TV outdoors is brought into action to enjoy a football match with friends in open, or to have a monitor in the party that displays pictures of the celebrated person or couple. Wi-Fi connectivity allows the users to have connection with the web that can help them stream the content live.

3] Screen designed for outdoors

A TV installed in open means that its screen should be anti-glare and exceptionally bright. The visual output cannot be compromised with as it is the main purpose that the TV serves. Thus, screen with extra brightness and anti-glare features and strengthened further with 4K technology and ultra HD clarity is an ideal thing to look for in an outdoor TV.

4] Large in size

Anything below 43” will not be a good size for an outdoor TV. The TV placed outdoors is supposed to register its presence in a limitless environment. Thus, viewing experience is enhanced if the screen size is best complementing the outdoor spaces.

The smaller TVs will look out of place and will fail to catch the attention of the viewers. Thus, for a distraction-free viewing, the screen size of outdoor TV should be at least 43”.

5] Engaging sound system

When you are watching TV outdoors, you need to deal with the noises and sounds borne by nature and large gathering sound. Thus, the speakers of the outdoor TV should be robust and huge in output. These should be yielding ample sound to create an experience similar to that provided by an open air theatre or arena.

Alternatively, the TV for outdoors should come with a provision of adding more voluminous speakers to generate clearer and sharper sound.

So, make a note of all these points in your mind when you are out to buy TV for outdoors. For better comparison of the brands available, you can visit DefinitePoint, a trusted reviewing site dedicated to electronic products and innovations.

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