Online Jobs For Students to Earn Money

What’s the best possible way to make some money in your spare time? Good question. So, you interested to do something at your leisure. It’s a sagacious decision, indeed.

But where do you find a job? It’s the internet, of course. You can explore everything from here. If you want to earn, then this is your companion.

Online Jobs For Students From Home

Online Jobs For Students

Just do a quick search for “online jobs for students to make money”. You’ll get loads of information instantly.
But I don’t want you to get lost in this massive information overload.

That’s why I’m giving the best 5 methods to make money without any investment at home. I assure you that it’s not going to time-wasting (or annoying). Just bear with me for a while. Will you my friend?

Online VS Offline: What is the most suitable method for the students?

Why would you go outside for doing your job? You can make the same amount of money (or much higher) from your home as per your schedule. It is entirely up to you. Online jobs are perfect if you like to work flexibly.

No need to answer anyone, and there’s no middleman to slice up your earning. You’ll get paid upfront for your skill. Plus, you can live your normal life while making money without any trouble.

Students are keen to learn new things apart from their studies. Your additional skills can help you to earn money from home.

There are several benefits of working online. I’ve enlisted those below. See for yourself.

  • No experience necessary
  • Don’t need to go anywhere (save time and travelling cost)
  • Work as much as you want (no limitation)
  • Work anywhere, anytime you prefer
  • Multiple jobs (based on your skills)

Article Writing

Article Writing

You can enhance your writing skill by reading and writing consistently. You don’t need to break your neck to become a good writer. Just read proper books and write (as much as you can) whenever you’ve free time to brush up your skills.

If you can develop your writing then, it will be very beneficial for you. You’ll get more work often to make money from home.

There are several sources to earn money by writing articles for the students. You must deliver grammatical-error free content without any plagiarism. Otherwise, you’ll face rejection. Try to convey your style in a friendly manner while writing or expressing your opinion about something. It’ll help you to gain more popularity.

I’m showing you few get paid to write sites for beginners. It’s free to join.


Content Ideas For Your Blog


There are so many other ways to make money online rather than writing. Plus, you may not be as good as native English writers. Also, you won’t get paid (or make handsome money) if you can’t keep up with the competition.
Writing isn’t for everyone, or it is somewhat annoying if you do it regularly.

But that’s not a problem when you have an another skill to pay your bills such as coding, designing, singing, animating, etc. to earn money online without any investments. You can make money like a full-time depending upon your skill.

It’s far better option for the students to earn money. You will get paid as much as you work. You are your boss, and there’s no annoying middleman.

There’s no fixed time (like a regular job). Make a working schedule and follow it. It’s very simple and the most superior method of making money from home without prior experience.



YouTube doesn’t require a formal introduction. It’s the most popular video sharing site in the world. You will find videos about everything here.

You can upload unique videos here and get paid per views. It has a “Monetization System”.

You should have gathered enough info by now. There are so many traditional channels which generate big bucks each month.

You can see it for yourself. Just search anything from your mind and see their* number of subscribers and views on each video. You’ll be able to assume their (approx) monthly earning.

It’s the best method to make spare money by doing nothing special. Can you earn money online by doing nothing?

The answer is a yes pal.

But you should try to make videos about your skill, hobby or something different rather than copying others. That’s the primary rule to get paid from YouTube.

If you have no idea for a channel then, let me tell something fascinating.

Gameplay: I think it’s the most suitable plan for the students if you have PC or console. Why should you start a gaming channel? You can find the answer by doing a quick search.

Go to YouTube, pick any favorite game from your platform and then type the game. You’ll see numerous channels with loads of views.

But I told you to make a unique video. Yep. You’re right. You may not know that Gameplay videos don’t come under YouTube copyright policy. Thus, it’s fine. No* problem at all.

But how are going to capture Gameplay videos? Do you need to buy an additional hardware?

Nope. No need to buy anything. You require game recording software only with a robust configuration for your PC/laptop.

There are both free and paid software available to record your games in full HD resolution. But I recommend the following software: Shadowplay (free), Fraps (paid), OBS (free), Mrillis Action (paid).

You’ll find plenty tutorials about this software. So, what are you waiting for*? Play games in free time and upload your Gameplay videos to make some quick cash. Console players (Xbox one/PS4) watch YouTube tutorials once to record Gameplay videos and upload to YouTube.

Also, you can do product reviews (unboxing, comparison, lists), response video, social experiments, tutorials, animation, etc.

Playing Games

There will be no better way than making money online by playing games. Isn’t it? Yes. You can make a good amount of money by playing your favorite games.

There are two ways to earn money while playing games which are as follow:

  • Game Testing
  • eSports (online gaming competition)

Some Gaming companies are giving you a chance to test their game before the official release. What’s your role in it? Play the game and provide a little feedback about the match and that’s all. You’ll get paid to for this task. Isn’t it fantastic? Make money while you’re having fun. What else do you want?

  • Upwork
  • Game-tester
  • VMC

But what is this eSports (electronic sports)? It’s nothing new in foreign countries. You will get paid if you play games online and won. You can earn decent amount by playing and competing on your favorite games.

Yep. It’s simple. Choose your game and play with other players to test tour gaming skill. Isn’t it the best way to get some cash as a gamer? What do you say? I told you that it is a common thing for International games. But eSports launched in India in February 2016. Isn’t it splendid news for other Indian gamers?

In short, Gaming isn’t for fun only; you can earn a good amount of money by playing games now. You will notice ongoing competition on each platform whether you are a PC or console (PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and Xbox One) player.
Note: You have to pay the registration fee of Rs 250 to participate in any gaming competition. It’s same for International gaming competition sites as well ($5)

If you are a skilled gamer then, it isn’t a big deal.

Prize money depends on the number of participants, but it goes up to 25,000 Rs (500$) with the sponsor aid.
List of sites where you can play online to make money online in India.


List of sites where you can play online to make money online in International

  • Gamerbattles

Micro Jobs Websites

Micro jobs sites provide small tasks to finish within the time to make few bucks. It is an excellent choice for the students due to their limited time.

You have to perform article writing, blog commenting, forum submission, link sharing, social networking tasks, etc. on the micro job websites.

You’ll have various tasks to do. Pick a suitable job and do it properly in the quoted time. Don’t pick anything by looking at the rate just.

Micro job sites are quite a handful for the students to earn money online without any investments. I’m giving you the latest micro jobs site to help you. Do you want to make money online at your leisure? Let’s start. Shall we?



No need to ask for money from your parents often for your tuition fees, books, rent or even loans. You can manage your academic expenses (small or big) by your effort via online. It’s not possible to do a regular (9 to 5) for the students. But the internet gives you an opportunity to earn as per your expectations.

I’ve elaborated the top 5 ways to make money online for the students. It’s not only beneficial to balance your student life; also you are learning additional skills in the meantime.

Even you can become a professional online Internet marketer like many people around the world. You don’t need to go outside to make a living anymore; you can work from your home at your comfort.

Are you earning money from home as a student? Would you like to share your experience with us? Are online jobs for the students a good approach at present? Let me know your thoughts about it. Online vs. offline: What do you prefer and why? 🙂


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