An Online Food Ordering System and A Digital Menu: A Way to Win New Customers?

Technology is moving so fast it’s hard to keep track. This applies to everything. Every single day something new is created: one day it’s a brand new smartphone that everybody wants to have, another day it’s a super-fast car and now, something that might interest you: an innovative online food ordering system.

Online Food Ordering System

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Welcome to the digital era

We are all curious about how far technology could go and in what fields we could use it. As a restaurant owner, you’re probably wondering if your business could use it too.

As a matter of fact – it can and, more importantly, it should. An online food ordering system is one of the simplest examples of how technology might come in handy in your restaurant marketing strategy, but let’s also take a look at some really fancy ideas.

Pick your meal on a digital menu board

This one is still quite innovative, although we’ve all seen those big LCD screens with the entire restaurant menu on it. Customers simply love the idea of a digital menu board!

It can show them much more than a traditional menu and helps in avoiding the awkwardness that comes with telling the waiter for the third time that they don’t know what to order yet.

Pick your meal on a digital menu board

Besides customer satisfaction, it has further advantages for a restaurant owner. They don’t have to worry about printing and reprinting the menu every time there’s something to change, every time it gets dirty or ruined, every time there’s an additional seasonal meal.

Paying with a single tap

If the digital screen is good enough for making the order, why would it not be good enough for paying for that order? There might be a touchscreen tablet dedicated just for that purpose – now a customer can securely pay without the waiter’s help. It’s convenient, it’s fast, and it simply makes good sense.

Customer’s feedback – right away!

You already know how important customer reviews are – that’s why you should give them everything you can to keep them satisfied and why not use a tool that is going to get you that good (hopefully) review.

It might be just another screen to tap on with a simple question like “How happy are you with today’s service?”. Simple as that, yet very valuable. Good reviews goes a long way, especially when it comes to winning new customers.

Takeaway with online food ordering system

Food delivery is one of the great blessings of the modern era. Everybody uses it: hungry workers at corporations, couples on their lazy days, and groups of friends at their get-togethers.

An Online food ordering system is an up-to-date option for all restaurants which allows their owners make extra profit not only thanks to customers who visit the restaurant, but also thanks to those who welcome the restaurant into their own homes.

Advantages of using an online ordering system

Online restaurant marketing simply thrives on innovative online systems like UpMenu. It increases brand awareness, is convenient to use (both for restaurant workers and customers) and works on the restaurants’ proceeds.

By using only a few of the available options, you can get in touch with your customers through newsletters or customer loyalty schemes, meaning you are closer to your customers, who are then more likely to use your services again.

Mobile application for restaurants

Take a step further and benefit from a mobile application for restaurants! There are already plenty of people who use their phones to pay the bills, make money transfers or buy tickets for a journey – so why wouldn’t they use their phones to order food?

It’s very convenient because they always carry their phones with them. So, if they feel like eating something and grab their phones, make sure your restaurant is first to appear on their screen!


The amount of technology in use nowadays might be overwhelming, especially if you consider yourself old-fashioned. But don’t turn your back on it! Embrace it and learn from it – it’s not as hard as it looks. It will certainly help you develop your business and win more customers. Just give it a try.

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