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You can be a casino pro by taking advantage of the full range of bonuses offered by online casinos. Casinos don’t have an issue with getting new players who want to take benefit of their casino bonus offers, as long as they stick to the terms and laws that come with the offers.

Casinos make different cash and non-cash offers, which are acknowledged as casino bonuses. For instance, a casino may offer a 100% bonus on your first deposit. This indicates that they will double your money when you first sign up and play. Sound too good to be true? Sometimes it is.

Online Casino Bonus Guide

Casino Bonuses are the most engaging powers of online casinos when you’re looking to play without depositing your hard gained money or to extend your playtime and amplify your bets. Here we will reveal the most common types of bonuses provided by online casinos.

Bonuses always carry wagering requirements and certain restrictions. Before taking a bonus, still make sure you know the bonus rules, terms, and conditions which should be available for you to read at all online gambling sites.

If you’re a new player to online casinos we highly suggest that you should read the terms and conditions of a site, you are opting for because every site has its own different rules and terms even the two sites which are having the same name can have different standards and requirements.

No matter how long you’ve been into online gaming, no matter if your taste in games, you must have got an online casino bonus of some kind. It’s the first stuff you see when you come to play an online casino game.

We described the term Bonus Hunters to the expert players who have extensive knowledge about the casino bonuses and it is a compliment.

At least, that’s how we understand it. Bonus Hunters are experienced online casino players, who know precisely how bonuses work. They have their benchmarks, and they better understand that not everything that glitter is gold.

If you also want to become a bonus hunter yourself, then it is essential to know both sides of bonuses that are identified as external and internal bonus qualities.

The external qualities are easy to access and evaluate. For example, in simple words, this is the bonus percentage, the number of free spins and the maximum bonus amount. Several casino players are triggered when they see a large bonus amount.

Some casinos make them available, others hide them deep in some corner of their web pages, and then there are those who do not provide any details at all. These are the internal bonus qualities.

Casino Bonus

The Most Popular Casino Bonuses are:

  • Sign-Up Bonus /Welcome Bonus.
  • Match Bonus
  • Sticky Bonus
  • No Deposit Casino Bonus.
  • Free Spins Bonus
  • Loyalty Bonus
  • Refer-a-friend Bonus.

Different types of bonuses are used to pay off players of different styles. So here we are providing some online casino bonus tips that will help you get maximum bonuses.

Tip 1. Make a strategy

As with several things it is wise to devise a plan in advance. What is essential is that you adhere to that strategy. This can sometimes be challenging, but it is usually the smartest thing to do. Online there are several casinos with even more bonuses.

Your strategy depends gradually on your skills and personal circumstances. The first thing you need to understand is how much you want to spend in your victory at online casinos. Are you going for a decent sum of an equal gain or go for a more significant chance with a probability of a big win?

In the last case, you should focus more on the VIP Bonuses, High roller Bonuses, Welcome Bonuses, Reload Bonuses, and Deposit Bonuses. All these bonuses usually require a fair to large cash deposit on your side, but there is also quite a big bonus that will come to your path.

At Reload Bonuses and VIP, you can use support: by playing at the same casino, you will be paid by that casino. If you prefer the more natural approach than you would be better off by getting the free bonuses or small deposit bonuses at various casinos.  In some cases, you can look better at the deposit bonuses, free cash bonuses, cashback bonuses, and free spin bonuses.

Tip 2. Set a budget

No matter which bonus strategy you select, it is always smart to put together a budget. Even if you choose the first online casino bonus strategy we described in the policy, then you will hardly have to deposit if it is to be able to pay out the bonus.

As this is a condition that cannot be neglected at any online casinos: if you require to withdraw your bonus, you’ll still need to make a deposit. This seems odd but this way the online casino can confirm that your real money account real contains money.

For the safety of the payout is essential for you to make a deposit. Usually, it’s just one small deposit of 10 or 20 dollars. Though, if you do this at various casinos because you want to take benefit of loads of bonuses, you still need to have a sound bankroll to be able to support this. If you don’t have such resources, then play step by step and at different casinos.

Are you a player who desires to obtain the big online casino bonuses like VIP packages and high roller bonuses, then it might be even more critical to set a budget. You should manage his amount as an investment.

With smart management of the casino bonuses, you will not only receive money back, but you can also get massive profits. Do remember that it is a casino and you can also fall money.

Tip 3. Get multiple bonuses

If you’re intelligent enough, you deposit as much as possible at various online casinos and play free bonuses where you can.

Bonuses for Online Casino

Keep path of where you are winning and where not. Also, it pays to continue to get new bonuses at new casinos. Online casinos reward new players for making use of this to maximize your chances of the win.

Tip 4. Do not play just for the bonus

When you make the first deposit and receive a casino bonus there is always a possibility that you will hit it high, meet wagering requirements and require to cash out. There is nothing more disturbing than to find out that there is the most amount that you can withdraw from bonus winnings.

Or even sad, to find out the casino is dishonest and makes you fall through several circles before they ultimately pay you if they ever pay you at all. The casino bonus may be an essential factor when determining an online gambling site, but it should not be the only crucial factor. Picking a safe and secure casino is even more significant.

Tip 5. Don’t be an Advantage Player or a Bonus abuser

Casinos love new members and will go to significant measures to please them.  They do not love bonus abusers. Casinos want a reasonable chance of taking back your bonus, just like you want a fair chance of cashing out.

To be able to bounce off potential bonus abusers, casinos have performed other customs. One of those controls is that you cannot surpass the maximum bet while playing with bonus money.

If you do pass the maximum bet, the casino could see you as a bonus abuser or an advantage player and stop all your bonus money and winnings.

In most circumstances, the maximum bet with bonus money is between $6 and $8 per spin. Again, check the casino bonus terms and conditions if you want to play with more solid bets.

Tip 6. Take your time

Of course, it is likely to have instant success and grab a substantial profit. There are also bonuses that have a time limit, so you need to play them quickly. But also, it is sensible to take the time to make decisions in the choice for a casino and its bonus presents.

The same refers to the play itself. There are quite some sentiments from the thrill of playing with real money, make sure you don’t lose yourself in this.

The Actual Value of Online Casino Bonuses

Every online casino bonus seems better than the other, and in an extremely active environment, online casinos are continuously developing new approaches to get new players and keep existing players true to their casino.

We’ve seen the different online casino bonuses and whether or not getting benefits of bonuses are useful, but actually several people still don’t understand the actual value of online casino bonuses and often end up mad and slating online casinos that in influence have really accomplished nothing outside what is usual industry custom when it comes to bonus proposals.

It is necessary to always keep in mind that no matter what sort of bonus a casino is providing, whether it be a 100% or 200% match deposit bonus, 1-hour free play, or 100 free spins, as an active player you will definitely want to convert your bonus to real money in your casino account, but this is the time where these kinds of bonuses will cost you.

To cash out any associated bonus money, you will have to agree with the casino bonus wagering requirements which usually manage that the bonus plus your deposit need to be wagered a particular number of times.

This usually implies that you will need to gamble some of your money, often equal to various times more than the bonus is true to cash out the portion of your bonus or any winnings obtained while applying for your bonus money.

While this is all stated in the fine print on the page of terms and conditions of online casino, it’s not always as easy to get as one might like. So let’s have a look at how it all works and what getting a bonus can end up costing you:

Calculating the Cost of a Bonus

When determining or calculating the cost of a bonus, there are three basic factors to consider to understand how much a bonus will cost you. It includes:

  • The wagering requirement.
  • The wagering rate that a particular game gives towards meeting wagering requirements.
  • The house edge or advantage for a specific game.

Online Casino Bonuses

How Wagering Requirements Work?

The wagering requirement is the number of times a bonus or deposit plus bonus sum needs to be deposit before the bonus can be paid out.

Wagering requirements can differ from one bonus to another as well as from one casino to another but normally; they range between 20 and 40 times the bonus plus deposit, depending on where you play.

For case, a wagering requirement of 30x, it means you require betting your initial deposit (or bonus amount) 30 times before paying out. Therefore, if you were to deposit $100 and received a bonus of $100, (with a wagering requirement of 30x), you’ll have to bet a sum of $3000 (100 x 30) before being worthy to cash out.

It may appear a difficult amount, but be sure to pay attention to the word ‘bet’ – you don’t have to lose $3000, only bet it.

Say you’re betting $1 on a slots game and then gain $2, the $1 you staked initially will add towards the play through. But even if you lost that $1, it would still count towards the wagering requirement.

Casinos also set out particular percentages on games that add towards meeting the wagering requirement. Slots wagers usually count for 100% of their value, while table games like blackjack and roulette offer less (for 10% of a bet).


These casino bonus tips will help you to maximize your bonus winnings. You now distinguish how to recognize bonus terms and conditions, how to avoid being seen as a bonus abuser and what pokies to play to have the best chance of reaching wagering requirements before your cash run out.

Many leading casino sites are very generous in this matter, and you can gain a lot of money by taking full advantage of bonuses. Bonuses are available for every player, despite how much they bet.

Good Luck!

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