Ola and Uber ? Which One is Best ? Time, Money, Security, Support

Ola and Uber are one of the high performing cab services today in India. They have emerged as the best taxi services. They have not only helped people travel conveniently but also have worked towards the environmental problems which made them introduce cab services on sharing basis.

Which is better: Uber or Ola?

Ola and Uber


They have been working really well and solved problems for a large number of people. However, you might wonder whether to choose Uber or Ola. Which one will be better as per your location or as per your demands? So here are some of the factors that you can consider for comparing both the cab services and find the best one for yourself.

Price factors

Uber is known to have cheaper rates as compared to Ola. The basic cab rate for Uber is INR 35 in Bangalore and then Rs 7 per km. It charges Rs 40 as base rate in Mumbai and then Rs 7 per km. However, the base rates in Delhi are Rs 45 and then Rs 7 per km. Coming to Ola, it charges a flat rate of Rs 80 for first 4 km and then Rs 10 per km in Bangalore. It charges a flat rate of Rs 100 for first 4 km in Mumbai and then Rs 8 per km. Finally, it charges Rs 100 as base fare for first 4 km with Rs 11 per km further in Delhi.

However, Rs 1 per km is charged as per the duration of your ride. The cancellation fee rates are Rs 15 in Bangalore, Rs 60 in Mumbai and Rs 80 in Delhi.

Support factors

The booking can be easily made in both the cab services. All you have to do is download the Uber or Ola app, enter your pick-up location as well as the destination and enjoy your luxurious ride. You can check your estimated fare cost after putting the locations. However, when the comparison is made between the two, Uber provides its services for on the spot bookings. However, Ola can be booked beforehand, and services can be provided later on. Thus, Ola has the pre-booking feature.


Uber has introduced a security feature for its customers known as panic button. This is for the passenger safety. The user can activate the panic button on his app. Also, Uber has the cab tracking facility that again takes care about the security of passengers. Uber is considered to be more secure after addition of these features.


Bookings in both Ola and Uber are almost similar. Both the apps lead you to the selection of destination option and then share the estimated fare prices. Both of them as you for pick up locations and pin codes.

Ola offers different cabs like ‘mini,’ ‘prime,’ Auto’ etc. on the other hand Uber offers different cabs like UberGo, UberX, UberBlack, and UberSUV.

Final word

While making your bookings, you also have the option to put promo codes before as well while making the payments. Thus, you can visit fabpromocodes.in to find the best promo code for any of the cab services. Select the one that best matches your requirement and helps you save more and apply it on your rides.

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  1. Personal i observed that many times when I had to book a cab I found Uber rate was cheaper compare to Ola fare. But, we talk about security then Ola’s OTP verification plays a big role. It is totally depend on your selection.

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