Periscope Is One Of The Newest Application Proposals From Twitter

If your are curious and want to see the most interesting events just at the moment they’re happening or urge to visit the most scenic corners of the world just sitting in comfort on your sofa, Kayvon Beykpour together with Joe Bernstein have developed Periscope special for you!

Periscope : Newest Application Proposals From Twitter


Periscope is one of the newest application proposals from Twitter for iPhone owners. It lets the users translate the video and audio from their mobile phone camera. Despite it was started not long ago its audience is huge even now.
There is an extra option for Periscope followers. If you want more people watching your translation just tweet out the link to your special Live Stream.

Sending “Periscope hearts”

There is a special way to cheer the translator and tell him you like what you see. Periscope lets the viewer tap the screen every time he gets great emotions. This means you “send a Periscope heart”. There is a restriction of 500 hearts per one session. But if you want to give more, just log out and then log in again.

The Periscope app made it possible to save the favorite translations to let the other users watch them next 24 hours. So the real time video may gather the hearts during whole following day.

Just tapping one icon lest your readers see and open the link to watch videos whether in the app or in the internet.

And other useful possibility is to get the notifications about new translations of interest at this time. The app informs the user about interesting and relevant translators and gives recommendations what to watch by analyzing Twitter interests. The settings of the notifications may be changed manually. You can follow up to 8 thousand users.

There is also a chat available in the application. It let the streamers and users communicate and discuss the exiting moments of the videos.

Getting hearts and more followers in Periscope has become an obsession for many users. Also there is a fine opportunity to buy Periscope followers on best place as Social Media.

There are many articles and even blogs dedicated to the problem how to make your profile of streamer popular. And such a boom of streaming is not a surprise. A photo can describe an emotion while the video is able to share a fountain of emotions making people closer to each other with every second of translating.

The application very convenient and easy in control. The program very quickly acquired great popularity, because it is useful for all: to bloggers, stars, businessman and for people who have something to tell and show to world. You already became interested?

Then we will tell you how to start using it. At first we come into Play Market or App Store on your device and download application. Further it is necessary to pass easy registration. It can be done two methods: to register by means of the mobile phone or to use Twitter. If you have account on this social network, select this method as all your followers will be able to watch directly for you.

After registration recent broadcasting will be provided to your attention. These are those videos which people shot for the last day. The following icon in the bottom of the screen is a global map on which you can select any country and the city and start watching someone’s forward translation. The following button will allow you to begin the air, you shall write about what you will speak and forward, it is possible to begin broadcasting.

Also there was the last icon – society. Here you can see the most popular people, and also set up the profile. All functions of a customary social network too are. You can subscribe for users, put to them likes and communicate in real time by means of comments.

Progress doesn’t stand still, and developers work on the new application all the time: add new functions and do it even more convenient for you. Also there is a partner site – Katch. By means of it you will be able to save all videos recorded by you and will have at any time access to them.

Here such interesting application for you was released by the Twitter developers. With Periscope you can visit worldwide and learn a lot of new and useful for you.

Get Maximal Benefits from Social Networking

Just start to use this application and understand how it is convenient. So what are you waiting for? Download Periscope rather, begin broadcasting, bring together more followers and always stay in touch where you wouldn’t be! 🙂

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