11 Must-Have Pieces of Gaming Gear If You’re Serious About Your Hobby

With the amount of time consumed on your gaming desk just to feed your gaming addiction, there are some new gears, you can’t just do without especially if you want to go to reach the next level.

PC Gamer Gear

From modern gaming projectors to a programmable gaming mouse, Virtual reality shoes, wireless gaming mouse, programmable consoles, performance-enhancing gloves, flexible gaming desk, gaming lights, and modern sound systems.

There are so many gaming gear options you can choose to feed your gaming addiction and become a much better gamer. Here are some of the coolest gaming gears you definitely want to get this year.

The convertible gaming laptop

Convertible gaming laptops such as the Acer Predator Triton 900, are replacing the traditional gaming screens in homes. These laptops do feature rotating designs that ensure that you twist the gaming screen around completely.

If you want a more comfortable viewing, then you can set the screen like a tent or simply lay it down like a tablet.

Convertible gaming laptops such as Acer Predator Triton 900 comes in 4K UHD premium quality visuals, and also rely on a 3D cooling technology to ensure that it does not over-heat. With other features like the switchable trackpad and mechanical keyboard, you definitely need this gaming accessory.

The Virtual reality cyber shoe gaming gear

One of the best new gears you should consider for your VR games is the cyber virtual shoe. These are gears that allow you to walk through all your virtual reality game while you indulge in your natural movement.

These cyber shoes allow you to control your movements, with your legs and feet, likewise, you can simply strap on these gaming shoes over your non-gaming shoes while you are sited.

There is also a roll at the bottom of these cyber shoes that do the job of tracking each movement you make. Cyber shoes perform a great job of maintaining their orientation and also allow you to gaze from side to side when you are walking in your feet’s direction.

The wireless gaming mouse

One of the best possible ways of elevating your gaming experience and giving yourself more flexibility and independence is to use a wireless gaming mouse such as Logitech G Pro Wireless gaming mouse.

It is a gear designed by the most professional gamers in town, hence it provides the ideal feel, shape, and weight in your hand. With its light-speed feature, this gaming mouse will deliver that extraordinary performance and precision and it comes with a feature that can track your flicks, even at the highest speed of gaming.

This wireless mouse is believed to consume ten times less power than a traditional mouse, hence it offers more battery power for your gaming.

The wireless gaming mouse is completed with 4 different programmable buttons. You can view here for more information on this ultra-light wireless gaming mouse.

The Flash gaming performance enhancing glove

This is one of the ideal gaming gears you need if you truly want to perform like a pro this year. They may look like ordinary gloves but in actual sense, they perform wonders. The gloves feature detachable gaming sleeve that will improve drastically, your longevity in gaming, and will also increase blood flow in your hands, in order to boost your performance.

Secondly, these gaming gloves will reduce the friction that occurs when you use your computer mouse continuously. The gloves are completely covered in Teflon to ensure a faster and easier movement of your hands. With an embedded incline, these gloves will provide the right angle while the rotation features provide less friction and more precision.

The MagiMask High Definition AR Headset

You might have used an AR headset before, but you can’t compare such headset with the new MagiMask HD AR Headset. It is a superb wearable immersive headset that helps you explore the digital world in full HD.

It comes with a number of unique features, these include the universal smartphone mount and numerous trackers that allow you to interact within your virtual gaming world.

This headset works perfectly with all AR apps, and another uniqueness of this device is that it offers up to 4 times the resolution of any other mobile AR headsets. You will find tools like the MagiTile, and MagiDice, very handy once you start using this headset.

The Blulounge Posto Headphone stand

You definitely want a place to hang your gaming headphone, especially when it is not in use. The Blulounge Post headphone stand is one of its kind as it comes with a rubberized headrest that automatically adjusts to the curves of your headphone.

It comes with a universal design; therefore, it is compatible with all sizes of headphones. You need this stand to keep your workspace tidy.

It has a silicone headrest that makes the stand conforms to the shape of small, medium and large headphones. Making your workspace tidy and neat will motivate you to be a better gamer this year.

The Razer Ferox Gaming Speakers

Every gamer wants to be immersed in the sound of a game, and that is why new modern speakers are essential gears you need to incorporate into your gaming experience this year if you want to reach the next experience level.

They may look like large binoculars or power plant when you see them for the first time, they are actually speaker tubes with 360-degree Omni-directional sound capabilities. You should go for these speakers if you want to experience the full surround sound while gaming.

Cyborg amBX gaming lights

If you have become a bad gamer this year, perhaps you should consider improving the ambience of your gaming room to enhance your performance and reach the next level. Cyborg amBX gaming lights will give your gaming room that perfect matching ambience you want to experience in the game.

A lot of games do support the amBX, hence the lights will automatically change, depending on the lighting conditions in the game, at any point in time.

This option may not be suitable for those who are extra-sensitive to lights, but those who perform better under great ambience lights will find it very useful in boosting their productivity.

The Optoma PT105 Gaming LED Projector

There comes a time when gaming on your PC or TV screen monitor is not just enough to take you to the next level, that is when you want to consider getting a projector. The Optoma PT105 LED projector is that special projector capable of projecting at 75 Lumens with a display brighter than many other projectors around today.

Gaming LED Projector

The project also provides support for connectivity options such as the VGA and HDMI alongside different audio and video inputs, hence you can connect the projector to your PC, using the right input and output options.

The projector will project on 60-inch display on the wall, and at a maximum distance of 60 feet, thus giving you the perfect flexibility for wider screen gaming display.

The 2018 Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard

Gaming on a programmable board is not for lazy gamers, but for those who want to take their hobby very seriously. Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard comes with 25 different programmable keys that remove the need for you to use a keyboard when gaming.

You can even use the device to create macros for your gaming commands, while the in-built GamePanel will give you a peek into the game’s statistics, as well as messages from other gamers.

It may take a while to get used to this game board and once you do, you will surely appreciate its contribution towards your efficiency and becoming a more skilful gamer.

The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk

Sometimes, we tend to ignore simple gaming gears such as the gaming desk and that is why we become clumsy with our games. It is time you remove that old and rickety gaming desk you bought on Craigslist you inherited from your father, with the Arozzi Gaming desk.

Gaming Desk

Consider the amount of time you spent on your gaming desk, playing your favourite games on daily basis by getting this gaming desk. It can hold a full-size monitor alongside traditional and modern keyboards without falling apart. This is a budget-friendly gaming desk that does not consume too much space.


You may be thinking that the modern gaming gears highlighted here are very expensive but the reverse is actually the case.

The best gaming gears are not actually the most expensive, even though they are released recently, you may even be surprised that most of these advance gaming gears are available for a couple of hundred bucks, and you can also find similar alternative brands for cheaper prices.

The most important factor you must consider when choosing a modern gaming gear is what type of improvement it will bring to your expertise level.

Any gear that will enhance your experience and bring the best in you is definitely worth considering. Similarly, any gear that provides more comfort, more control, and more flexibility is equally worth considering.

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