Topic 12 Must Have iPad Apps for Students

Smart Service – Puzzle Alarm Clock

If you are one of those people who turns off their alarm and turns on the other side to proceed with further dreaming, you will appreciate this app. To turn off this alarm clock is not just clicking on the button. You need consciously solve the problem – a simple, but it will be enough to wake up your sleepy brain.

Best iPad Apps for Students

iPad Apps for Students


As you know, to read all the literature from the list elaborated according to your academic program requires much more time than 24 hours a day. One solution could be listening to audio books – so you can hardly break away from the process of driving home or to school, for example. The application is quite profound in its functions and has a variety of settings (for example, you can download a different voice).

Recordium (recorder)

It would seem that there is an exuberance of recorder-apps but there is one that is quite notable. Recodium plus allows you to highlight important points. This facilitates student’s life and you will not need to rewind a near half-hour lecture to find the right moment. The little things that mean a lot.

MyScript Calculator

A calculator that recognizes handwriting, replaces written parts with signs and does sums. If you are not a fan of complex scientific calculators, and, in general, you hand write clearer and faster, this application will suit you.

WordWeb Dictionary

No need to explain that being abroad or holding a manual in another language we are destined to encounter unknown words or phrases. Even those whose profession is not directly linked to languages, will need to look some word up. This dictionary encompasses almost 300,000 words and expressions. Excellent app, which has everything you need.



One of the unique applications that you can install on your gadget. The trick is that here you can find and see lots of different courses on a variety of subjects – from chemistry to art history in addition to courses from leading universities and institutions around the world. It’s just a great opportunity to gather useful information from Western sources. Worth a try, definitely. This can be an additional help to the essay writing companies you usually turn to.


This app will teach you speed reading – a skill that is just irreplaceable in our time. Keeping your entire library in a single device is not a problem, you just need to read it. Train and the results will not let you wait.


One of the best planners for its users. The application is not new, but its popularity is growing. It can help you organize, if not all of your life, but quite a lot of things. You just need it to plan your busy day and be everywhere in time!

Down with heavy organizers and diaries! Schedule of lectures and seminars, homework and notes can now be stored in a convenient app. It may be synchronized with other devices! In addition, you may operate it with the help of your voice!

iStudieZ Pro

Also, a very nice student organizer with has got rich functionality and neat design for the owners of iOS devices.


This will be the best choice for literature courses. This application contains many descriptions, characteristic features of the plot etc. The audio version is also available.


Sometimes you get stuck with perplexing tasks trying to find the right math solution! This app will definitely help you out during your algebra and geometry classes. You may enter your task and the program will offer you some solution! 🙂

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