MU Stage 1 and Stage 2 Certification for Professionals

Meaningful Use is nothing but a certified EHR system which is used for improving the efficiency, safety, quality and to reduce disparities in health sector. It can include patients and their families for improving their healthcare.

MU Stage 1 and Stage 2 Certification

MU Stage 1 and Stage 2 Certification for Professionals
MU Stage 1 and Stage 2 Certification

Three Main Components: The following 3 components are very important in Meaningful Use Certification:

• Practical use of certified technology of EHR for submitting clinical quality measures and other measures with the help of Secretary

• This technology can also help in electronic exchange of information of health for improving the quality of healthcare

• Certified EHR can be used in meaningful manner for example, for functioning of e-prescription

Requirements for Stage 1 Meaningful Use Certification: To become eligible for stage 1 professionals you are required to complete:

• 5 out of 10 objectives in full from the set of menu

• Total 6 clinical quality measures ( out of which 3 of alternate core and 3 from the additional set from the menu )

Though meaningful use stage 2 consultants require further qualification, the hospitals in stage 1 must include:

• Total 15 clinical quality measures ( CQM)

• No of core objectives should be 14 in total

• 5 out of 10 objectives from the set of menu

Applications of Objectives and Measures of Meaningful Use:

• All clinical providers may not use MU objectives and they may not have eligible actions or patients for denominator measure

• The eligible professionals , eligible hospitals can be excluded from meeting the measures

Core Objectives of Eligible Professionals: The core objectives for eligible professionals can be defined as

• Functions of E-prescribing

• Interaction check facilities from drug allergy

• Implementing one decision support rule of clinical quality measures

• Demographics of record

• Status of smoking if the patients are above 13 years

• Electronic health information must be protected

• With each office visit, patients can be provided with their clinical summaries

Core Objectives for Hospitals: There are 14 core objectives to be maintained by the hospitals. Here are some of them.

• Must be capable in exchanging clinical information between care providers and patient authorized individuals

• Order entry must be computerized in nature

Requirements for Stage 2 Meaningful Use Certification: Here, mu stage 1 and 2 certification requires fulfilling some core objectives. Let us discuss some of them which specify the requirements for stage 2 certification:

Core objectives of eligible professionals: The core objectives must be to improve the public health by ensuring proper security and privacy. Here are the eligibilities of professionals:

• Must be able to record the vital signs of patients

• Smoking status should be recorded for improving the safety and quality of the clinical results

• Must be aware of education resources which is very patient specific

• Immunization policies must be very secured in nature

• The media of electronic messaging must be very secured

• Cancer cases must be reported immediately

• Imaging results must be forwarded directly to the concerned physicians

• Must be able to take notes electronically

• Surveillance data submission must be synchronized in nature

• Must be able in recording the family history of the health of the patients

• Protect every health information with proper security and privacy

If you have slightest doubt regarding the objectives and requirements of the stage 1 and stage 2 professionals, you can consult The expert professionals and consultants will definitely guide you if you are looking for a career in Meaningful Use in the healthcare industry. You are just required to complete the certifications and comply with the standards properly. Always ensure that you are improving the efficiency and quality of healthcare information. 😀

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