Most Played Multiplayer Board Games

Board games are now as popular as ever, and there are so many options to choose from. People enjoy them the old classic ones, as well as the new ones.

Popular Board Games You Can Play Online

Popular Board Games

Tabletop games have been played across centuries and cultures – at least the most popular to this day –, and have been more than just about fun and chance. Playing multiplayer board games helps strategy thinking, and that has been the case since forever.

And even if one may think the board games are obsolete, this is not the case, as they can be played regardless the times or the age of the players. Furthermore, we are coming up with new board games all the time.

While everyone can think of at least one great board game, here is a list of the most played multiplayer board games.


It goes like this: Two to four players score points by placing letters together to form words. The one with the most words wins the game. That may seem easy, but try finding the right words to do so! And also you have to connect the first word to other words horizontally and vertically on the board.

The game is often rated as the most popular board game today, and it motivates great thinking instead of just chance. It is a true word-game phenomenon encouraging the linguistic skills.

And one great thing about Scrabble is that you can play it on multiple platforms – on mobile apps or social media channels.


And then is the iconic Monopoly. It was first published back in the 1930s, but it is still popular among millions of fans around the world. It was invented in the United States as an educational tool, to explain the single tax theory.

Its actual release was 30 years later, and the design of the game is based on the streets of Atlantic City, New Jersey. At the end, you either love it or hate it, there is no in-between.

The game is so popular that it was released a slot, Slingo Monopoly, created by Slingo Originals, in June 2020. You can play this slot at an Online Casino like Unibet, and enjoy the same atmosphere as playing the actual game.

Catan – Settlers of Catan

The third game on this board has to be Catan. As an award-winning classic board game, it was once called by The Washington Post as being “the game of our time”.

You get resources on the Island of Catan, build roads, houses and villages, and race to gain 10 victory points. The first one to do so is the winner – but the others left in the game can still go on earning the points each. It is an easy to learn game, but difficult to master.

It was previously known as Settlers of Catan, and it is also available as mobile app.

Ticket to Ride

Some consider Ticket to Ride to be the best board game for all ages. And is also one of the most easy to play.

Basically, your goal is to build railroad tracks across the land, and also score points by building cities and other areas. You can use maps of the United States or Europe alike, it depends on the edition.

It was published only in 2004, but became an instant classic, and also the board game of that year. It won several awards, being sold in millions of copies in its first years.


If you like Catan and Ticket to Ride, you have to enjoy Carcassonne too. It is regarded as one of the best classic board games.

Players build the landscape of the medieval castle town of Carcassonne, in southern France. It is basically a tile-based game where you have to connect rivers, paths and buildings.

The game is also available for mobile devices, and is easy to learn and play.

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