A New Wave of Innovation: 8 Modern Features No Casino Can Do Without

The technological advancement is changing the dynamics of the casino industry. These days, it is possible to put on a virtual reality goggle and enjoy an immersive 3D experience similar to a real-world casino.

Apart from these user-experiences, designers are also working hard to facilitate customers by offering new and powerful methods of payment.

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For instance, online casinos in the UK are increasingly using e-wallets, which made it easier to deposit cash and receive a large amount of bonuses, in an instant.

Without a doubt, we have entered a new phase of development where the real-world and the online world of gambling are merging.

As a result, casinos must realize that the future of casinos is in the successful integration of off-line and on-line technologies. Take a look at some of the most powerful trends that are shaping the casino of the future:

Mobile Casino

It’s no secret that mobile online casino gaming has gained enormous popularity in recent years. This trend will continue in the future as most online casino platforms already offer an optimized website for mobile. Accordingly, casino providers have also created an app version for smartphone and tablet.

The ability to play “on the go” and the user-friendly interface of mobile casino is intuitive as all functions are easily accessible and easy to understand.

Increasingly, casino vendors are switching to HTML5 and offering responsive mobile casinos that can provide an optimized interface for all kinds of mobile devices. In fact, no casino can overlook the importance of going “mobile”.

Offers for Women

Targeted offer for women is another trend in the gambling industry. This is particularly noticeable in women-oriented slot machines that have similar themes such to shopping and jewelry. In designing the offer, casinos must remember that women attach greater importance to the ambience.

They are likely to appreciate the stylish design of casinos, and also enjoy the culinary features. In addition, women rarely go alone in a casino, which emphasizes the fact that their partner may also play an important role in the decision-making process.

The online trend has made it possible for housewives and mothers to play from the comfort of their homes. Existing trends suggest that a vast majority of women enjoy playing slots online. Thus, every casino should start offering more choices for ladies creating meaningful ambience and offers that can match their style.

Alternate Payment Methods

An increasing number of casinos are offering their players alternative payment methods. The Internet currency bitcoin is becoming more widespread in online casinos around the world. Similarly, PayPal is another popular alternate payment method, which is gaining in popularity in online casinos.

Electronic wallets like PayPal, Neteller and Skrill have revolutionized the world of payments. Nowadays, purchases, bookings, money transfers, and deposits in the casino can be conveniently and safely carried out by e-wallet in seconds.

It’s no wonder that big e-wallet systems are among the most used casino payment options; therefore, a modern casino can no longer afford to ignore new payment methods.

Virtual Reality

Technological innovations of the 21st century have given online gaming industry a bit of inspiration. By transforming a typical online casino into virtual reality, designers have given gamblers the sense of playing in a real casino.

It means that gamblers are not only able to enjoy a three-dimensional environment, but also interact with their environment while playing the game of their choice using virtual reality glasses.

The first demo versions are even already on the market. Even if the virtual reality glasses are currently a bit clunky and unpleasant to wear, one can assume that the virtual reality trend will continue to evolve.

It seems that software development is quickly outpacing advancement in hardware. If designers are able to get better eyewear into the market in the coming year, this can lead to a completely new market and gaming fun in the online casino.

Non-Restrictive Environment

Casino managers must keep themselves updated regarding local laws as the increasing number of local governments are lifting restrictions on online gambling.

Online gambling is no longer an abstract idea as lottery officials and casino legislatures across the country are growing more familiar and confident with the idea of a robust regulatory framework for casinos.

Local governments are turning to gambling to raise revenues, which means that legislators and local officials are open to exploring opportunities for online gambling.

Better Slot Machines

A reputable casino that does not have popular slot machines in its portfolio needs to re-think its business strategy. It will not be an oversimplification to suggest that slot machines continue to bring great return-on-investment for casinos.

Better Slot Machines

Just like the traditional slot machines, the online versions of these slot machines are also popular with online casino players because players can easily find a slot machine that can match their interests and desired skill level.

It is also expected that thematic slot machines, based on the famous characters of movies, comics, and series, will continue to be a hit among casino players.

Many game developers are partnering with Warner Bros to produce DC Comics superhero slot machines that include titles such as Batman vs. Superman and Suicide Squad.

Highlands, Phantom of the Opera, and Moby Dick are some of the leading slot titles that continue to inspire gamblers. Overall, the classical slot machines will continue to lure gamblers despite the introduction of innovative new games.

Growth of E-sports

The growing popularity of various e-sports disciplines has led to the formation of a separate segment of bets in virtual betting offices.

The interest of online bookmakers in e-sports is growing due to the recognition of this type of gaming by many sports federations in different countries. It seems that e-sports betting will continue to increase in popularity.

Major sports betting providers around the world are now offering e-sports. E-sport is now a lucrative business for listed betting and gambling portals.

The combination of sports betting with casino, poker, and virtual sports pays off as the stock price of many casinos has already multiplied in recent years. Its growing potential means that casinos will ignore it on their own peril.

Rise of Youtube and Twitch Streamers

With the rising popularity of online casinos, online gambling is also getting more and more attention on social media. On YouTube and Twitch, a growing number of professional and amateur gamblers are filming their gambling adventures on video slots and broadcasting it live.

These streamers often have large loyal fans that closely follow all their moves. This gives this kind of Youtube and Twitch Stars a commercial value, which can be used by slots providers and online casinos to advertise their offerings.

In the 21st century, there are some modern features that no casinos can do without. We have only explained some of the most visible trends; however, the technology will continue to provide new surprises in the coming years.

Consequently, it is imperative that casino managers must keep on innovating to attract a growing market that is always fascinated by new trends.

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