Five Biggest Mistakes to Avoid In Hiring SEO Agencies

If you want your business to grow, attract more leads, sales and traffic, SEO is one of the best strategies to achieve this. If you do not want to end up in the last pages of Google search engine results, it is pretty evident that you hire a SEO company which has previous experience in helping businesses increasing their online visibility. This post is intended to make you aware of the mistakes that businesses commit while hiring.

Things to Know Before Hire SEO Professional

Hiring SEO Agencies
Hiring SEO Agencies

SEO Marketing Agency for SEO Works

Anyone looking to earn a good name and bank balance through their business should know by now that internet will play a huge role in the same. With internet the major reference here is towards Google and its search engine that almost everyone uses in the present age. With the influence that this search engine has, it is easy to guess that SEO is one of the most important strategies for good revenue stream and lead generation. If you are looking for a place in the first page of the Google’s search results, a highly disciplined approach is what you will need for finding a firm that will do all the SEO.

To get the best possible results you must know the warning signs that indicate the SEO firm you are going to hire isn’t right for you:

They engage in backlink buying

Hiring SEO Agencies
Backlink Buying

This is no secret that getting backlinks for your site will help increase its authority and search engine rankings. However, buying link backs from unrepeatable sources will not only harm your company’s standing against the competition but also give your business loss in visibility and revenue. Most of the times these links are totally irrelevant and do not relate in any way to the website they are linking to. Buying links is unethical and against the policies of Google. It is one of the easiest ways to get penalized by Google and many sites in the past, even the most reputed ones have been penalized in the past for the same. If any agency engages in backlink buying then it is not worth hiring for.

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They are still living in the age of SEO Copy writing

If the firm that you are hiring claims to offer the best SEO Copy writing service in the world, it is a clear indication that you start looking somewhere else. Its been a long time now since Google changed the algorithms it used to rank content and with Hummingbird update, the game is all about content that is useful and not SO-oriented. Practices like keyword stuffing and writing so that search engines can find your page are long dead. To ensure the best content for your website only hire firms which have a proper understanding and possibly a prior experience in developing content for your target audience. Sites that have engaging content have lower bounce rates and rank higher than their counterparts. It’s not difficult to predict that these sites will have brisk business, no matter what.

They promise a quick fix

SEO isn’t magic. It is a science and art, both simultaneously. If you understand the same, never trust any agency or company which promises fast results within a week or month. They will indeed get some result but that will be obtained through black hat techniques which would do an irreparable damage to your site and business in the long run. Google is smart, and sometime or the other it will get back at your site for using unethical means and penalize it heavily.

They use secret tools

Hiring SEO Agencies
Secret Tools

When you first talk to a SEO firm, they might impress you with a lot of intelligent stuff about their past and techniques. Pay attention to their words, and ask them what tools they use to make it happen. If they are not able to explain, understand that something shady is happening. SEO is not hacking and any firm which tries to make it sound like that should be kept at bay. It’s a marketing phenomenon, which any qualified marketer should know and understand. Using special or secret tools will get your business blacklisted and won’t be able to do much good for long as they probably violate Google’s guidelines.

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They don’t have a proper hiring mechanism

A SEO agency is only as good as the professionals working in it. Therefore, always ensure the agency you are going to hire for your project has a proper recruitment channel for selecting the best candidates. Take a note of their employee strength, and history. Also, double check their hiring rules and regulations and the parameters the use to recruit SEO candidates. Many firms in the present scenario advertise SEO as online jobs, however, the best SEO is performed in-house.

If you want to give the much needed boost to your company, SEO is indispensable and therefore, either you have to hire SEO candidates, or an SEO Peterborough agency. For candidates looking for jobs in the internet world, SEO is a great option. It is one of the best internet jobs that one can pursue right now. If you are looking for some high paying and quick growing online jobs than SEO is the field one should be pursuing a career In.

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