Metal Detecting Tips for More Effective Hunting

The common use of metal detectors is treasure hunting. Many people use it for hunting treasure. If you are a beginner user of metal detectors and you also have an interest in treasure hunting, then the following tips given by the expertise of successful treasure hunters will be very useful for you.

Metal Detecting Tips

Select the right detector

Firstly, you should select the beat detector which you can afford easily. Every detector has different features and advantages. Don’t try to buy the cheapest detector as it is the biggest mistake of every beginner.

The cheapest one just wastes your time and makes you frustrated. You should also not buy the detector that is difficult to use. Try to buy a simple one.

Know how your detector works

You should know very well how your detector works. As it is the basic problem of beginners that they have taken out their detector without knowing to use. Read carefully, the instructions given in the manual. Knowing about the detector makes hunting more enjoyable.

Check or recheck your gear

Check your metal detecting gear before you go out. Earphones, gloves, digging tools, batteries, strong boots, coil cover, and all parts of your detector take everything along with you when you are going for a hunt.

Double-check each item that everything is in good condition and ready to take out. Also, check and recheck your detector that it is working properly so that you will not face any problem in hunting.

Avoid hunting in your busy time

Avoid hunting in a busy time. Select the topic of hunting when you are totally free and no work will be going on pending so that you have a relaxed mind and can give hunting full attention.

Hunt early in the morning or late in the evening

The best time of hunting is early in the morning or late at night. On these timings, you get less traffic and disturbance and can hunt easily.

Best place for hunting

To make your hunting successful, choose the best area where the chance of getting things is more. Try your courtyard, parks near your home, historical places, old houses, and schools are the best places to find things.

Be patient

You should give your first hunting extra time and slowly search for everything. Don’t lose your patience. It may be that you got treasure in your first hunt,  it probably happens that you got unexpected trash. So give time to your hunt and slowly move your detector in the ground.

Be a good swinger

Be a good swinger, meaning you should swing your detector in the right manner (slow and low to the ground)  so that it can detect the metal fast and make hunting fun and enjoyable.

Dig everything

When you got signals in your detector, dig it. Dig everything you got in your way. Clean the trash before digging.

Double-check your dig

Double-check your finds. Things usually place in couples. Whenever you find anything in digging you should check your dog again, maybe something is keeping there which you are missing.

Pay attention

Pay full attention to your finds. You can miss things if you are not attending. Try to seek everything with full concentration. You should not miss anything. Dig on each signal and find a thing there properly.

Record everything

Record your every hunting for future use. This is so beneficial for future hunting that you record your previous one. Also, keep records of your finds.

The given tips are for making your hunting effective and more enjoyable. Keep these basic things in your mind, when you are going for a hunt.

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