Keeping Up With Your Health and Wellness

Staying healthy when working in tech can be especially difficult. Most of the time, techies don’t necessary have the most normal sleeping schedules, and spend a lot of time sitting at a computer. The hours are long and can be inconsistent with the typical nine to five schedule of a banker.

Best Ways to Keep Up Your Health and Wellness

Keeping Up With Your Health

This makes eating healthy, and exercising regularly, nearly impossible. With a mix of morning gym and exercise classes being in the day and the most convenient food being the worst for you, health can easily become lower on the list of priorities for a technology focused individual. It’s best to keep in mind that without your health you truly have nothing.

There is no point in working and amassing wealth if you aren’t around in good health to use it. However, here are some tips to help you stay in shape while you make it in the tech world.

First, begin by prepping your food. Food prep can take some time, but it eventually saves time (and money!) in the long run.

Not to mention making our meals far healthier than they would be otherwise. By taking a few hours at the beginning of the week and planning out your meals, going to the grocery store, and making dishes in bulk and then freezing them you can have total control of what goes into your meals, as well as controlling how healthy you want them to be. By stacking your fridge ready to heat meals, you’ll always have something on hand when you get too busy.

Another important way to improve your health is to start walking. This can also free your mind and help with creative projects. If that’s enough for you, there are options out there for people with the worst sleeping and working schedules.

24 Hour Fitness

Try out a gym like 24 Hour Fitness where you can work out, no matter how messed up your schedule might be. You simply have a keycard that allows you access to the building any time of the day, hence their name, 24 Hour Fitness!

If getting the right amount of sleep is one of the hardest things for you, you may also want to consider taking daily naps a couple times a day. This gives you more time and different times of the day and can definitely improve your health, as getting the right amount of sleep is one of the most important things you can do.

People use to say that you needed at least 6 hours of sleep per night, and now the medical profession tends to advise on 8 or more hours per day. The time of day you go to sleep and wake up can be just as important the number of hours you sleep as well.

For example, workers with mid-afternoon and late night shifts can often suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders. Likewise, the number of hours spent in REM sleep, which means Rapid Eye Movement, is really the true indicator of rest that is required. 🙂

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