Is Your Business Vulnerable to Cyber-Attacks?

Cyberattacks are, unfortunately, on the rise. They are becoming an increasing threat to small businesses. With 60% of small companies going out of business six months after a cyber-attack, you should not take your cyber-security for granted.

Small Business Vulnerability to Cyber Attacks

None of the small businesses that falls victim to a cyber-attack does so on purpose and in fact many do not even realize that they are vulnerable to such a crime. It is vital that you understand the types of attacks that might be threatening your business, to ensure that you are better able to protect yourself again them.

Is Your Business a Cyber-Attack Target?

According to 24×7 IT Solutions research, 79% of computer networks consisting of between 4 and 33 personal computers have been found to be readily open to cyber-criminals. Signs that your business might be vulnerable to a cyber-attack include.

Uneducated Staff

Having staff that is either uneducated about or unconcerned with the threat of a cyber-attack is one of the biggest signs that your business is vulnerable to cybercrime. In fact, studies have found that up to 90% of cyber-attacks could have been prevented if it were not for human error or behavior, due to social engineering.

The majority of attacks that occur as the result of human error or behavior could have been avoided very easily, which makes them all the more frustrating for business owners.

For example, educating your staff about phishing emails is one of the best ways to prevent scams. Education enables your staff to remain vigilant and spot the warning signs of a potentially dangerous email or attachment.

Creating a clear set of guidelines for online behavior is another great way to protect your business against a cyber-attack caused by human error. Your guidelines should cover best password practices and restrict what employees should be able to download from the internet.

Lack of IT Support

Your IT infrastructure is an investment, but this investment is much more than the initial cost of purchase. In order to continue getting the highest return for your IT investment, you need to pay for expert upkeep.

If you are not paying for IT support or security, then it is very likely that you are leaving your business vulnerable to cyber-attacks. The old saying goes, it takes money to make money, and as 60% of SMEs go bust after experience a cyber-attack, this is certainly the case with cybersecurity.

An Unclear Security Strategy

As a business owner, you are likely not directly in charge of organizing and implementing your cyber-security strategy.

However, it is vital as a business owner, that you are aware of the steps that are being taken to protect yourself from cyber-criminals. Whether you are outsourcing support or using your own in-house team, you need a clear answer when you ask what your business’ cyber-security strategy is.

Small to medium-sized businesses are a very real target for cybercriminals today. One of the main reasons why small to medium-sized businesses are such as target is because they commonly have less security protection.

Do not fall into the trap of leaving your business open to the whims of cyber-criminals; make sure you have a clear cyber-security protocol in place.

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