Strapped For Cash? Here’s How The Internet Can Save Your Bank Balance

Most of us feel broke throughout January. We’ve just been through Christmas, which one of the most expensive times of the year, and the chances are that your bank balance has yet to recover from all the festivities. Do you want to do something about your current financial situation? Then why not try and earn a few extra bucks online? There are loads of ways the Internet can help to save your struggling bank balance. Here are just a few of them!

Internet Can Save Your Bank Balance

Start Blogging

Do you already have a blog that you run as a hobby? If so, you are already on the way to making some cool cash online! You just need to start working on monetizing the blog. One of the best ways to turn all the clicks onto your site into dollars is to use pay per click advertising. To do this, you will need to put some adverts onto your website that companies will send you.

These will be clickable so anyone visiting your blog will be able to click through to the company’s page. The more clicks each ad makes, the more money you get in your pocket! Obviously, this strategy works best for blogs that are getting high volumes of traffic to them, as more people viewing your blog means that there is a better chance that a lot of people will click the links. Another way to monetize your blog is to join some affiliate marketing programs. These programs will send you certain products to promote in your articles. For each sale that your blog posts generate, you will get a cut of the profits!

Make Money On YouTube

Have you ever wondered how full-time YouTubers such as PewDiePie make their millions? They’ve learnt how to monetize their YouTube videos! You may think that YouTubers and vloggers are just creating their videos because they enjoy it as a hobby, but there is one other much bigger reason why so many people are now sharing their own homemade videos. And that is because, when done right, it is a very profitable business! Once you start getting enough regular viewers, you can start to turn on adverts on your videos.

You will earn a small amount of money for each viewer who watches the ads. Eventually, you will have built up a nice little sum of money! Worried that your video skills aren’t so hot? That shouldn’t be a problem, as it has never been easier to learn the important skills and you can buy the right kind of video making equipment for quite cheaply now too. But if you want to take your skills further, you could consider taking a few Premiere Pro courses.

Play Games

Do you consider yourself a bit of a gamer? Are you always one of the first people to get the latest games for the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4? Then why not try and make money from playing games. This isn’t as crazy an idea as it may sound, and there are actually a few routes you can go down to cash in on your video gaming skills.

If you are highly skilled at certain games, you could enter tournaments and try to win the big cash prizes. And they sure are big! For instance, the North American Star League StarCraft tournament gives out a prize of $100,000! You can’t afford not to join! If you aren’t quite good enough to put your skills to the test in the big tournaments, you can just make a bit of cash on the side by testing new games.

Play Games

Sell Your Junk

Got a wardrobe full of clothes that you never wear? Maybe your bookshelves are creaking under the weight of those books that you know you will never read again? Well, why not sell all this stuff you don’t need? There are lots of sites that make this very possible. eBay is one of the most obvious ones, and millions of people have made a quick buck by listing their items on the online auction house.

Amazon also has a marketplace where you can list your second-hand CDs, books, and DVDs. Got something large to sell that you can’t post? No problems; list it on local selling websites such as CraigsList. Someone in your local area might be interested and will be able to pick it up!

The Internet isn’t just a tool for procrastination and cute cat videos. As you can see, you can make some quick cash from it too! 🙂

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