Can Instagram Become a Driver of Positive Social Influence?

In this millennial age, you breathe and live through your phone. Your very existence is literally driven by the fascinating events, drama, intrigue and excitement of the world of social media networks in the mysterious digital space.

Instagram become a driver of positive social influence


The latest news on fashion, art, film and politics, including a diverse range of other subjects can today be accessed through a simple click of a button. When you want to know what is going on in the lives of your friends you no longer have to pick up the phone, just check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, it is all out there for you to see.

Studies and debates on social media networks have generally augmented the negative impact of these platforms on the human psyche and society as a whole.

Regardless, the reality is that social media networks are here to stay this means that you have the responsibility of considering the best ways you can utilize this digital revolution in creating a positive social impact. Become an Instagram influencer with a white cap on your head.

When you think about your higher purpose, a myriad of issues may come to mind, certainly one of them being having the ability to change people’s lives – influence them to do good, become better human beings. If this is your heart’s yearning, then get Instagram followers to join your cause.

Whichever cause is close to your heart, whether it be women empowerment, children’s rights, economic development, education, human rights, these are some of the issues that you can think about creating awareness and a call to action through Instagram.

An interesting subject to tackle through Instagram is the issue of taxation and its role in social economic development. Generally, worldwide people have a negative perception about taxation from the medieval ages.

Ironically, tax is the resource by which a well-functioning society exists, but at the same time it is one of the hardest brands to sell. The visual content propagated through photo sharing on Instagram creates perceptions and arouses people’s minds to begin to think about a specific issue. This is the kind of power that you need to tap into to tell the tax story through pictures.

The tax story may sound pretty complicated to you, but think of all the lives that have been saved through the implementation of policies such as access to subsidized health care. That young student who can now pursue his dreams because he has been granted the opportunity to join university as a result of fee subsidies, bursaries and interest free loans offered by the government.

The young entrepreneur, armed only with an awesome idea having built her start up into a great business empire because of access to youth funds. These are all stories that you are yet to tell the world through Instagram. Creating visual content that will elicit a mindset of social change influence people’s perceptions and emotions to address what really matters in today’s world.
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Leah Martine seeks to influence others to get Instagram followers to bring about positive change. 🙂

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