The Most Important Trends in Gaming

Should the gaming industry deliver on some potential trends, then the future looks bright. There is no shortage in the gaming industry of people who rave about the golden age and others give signs of the gaming apocalypse. Because gaming is based on technology, then there are rapid changes and there is no particular certainty on where this industry is headed. The following are some of the trends that will influence the future of gaming.

The Important Trends in Gaming

Trends in Gaming
Trends in Gaming

Casual gaming and mobile devices

This is one of the biggest trends to roll into the video gaming industry. Today, people turn on their phones to get their gaming thirst quenched. This is a great development for companies that create the gaming apps. Instead of investing millions of dollars in a massive online game that would sell at a high price, these gaming app developers are making simple apps that sell at $10 in the hope of coming up with a hit game.

It is a prototype and works well for gaming apps meant to be played for a short while. This shows a type of split between the gaming industries. The high ranking and expensive side of online gaming may have to determine economies of scale if casual gaming on mobile devices gains footing.

Cloud gaming

The idea of subscription gaming is another interesting trend. This is a great alternative to having a few huge game designers dominating the gaming industry. It exists for online games and the ability to handle storage and processes in the cloud means gamers can sign up for gaming services such as Netflix.

This allows gaming design companies to collect revenue and update games continually. This is better than spending resources on creation of a new successful franchise. However, most gamers are of the view that you do not get to own the game in the traditional sense. It does not augur well with hardcore gamers who were obsessed with game copyrights.

User generated content

Any dedicated user in the gaming world has ideas on improving a certain aspect of the game. Finding a platform to allow users to do so in a controlled way has not been easy. However, gamers are likely to see this trend taking off in puzzle games, shooting games or any other type. Customizing games mechanics, questsand levels is gaining popularity. Providing a platform by game franchises to improve games could keep users interested in the product.


Some trends have not reached their end-point. There has been experimentation of alternative game controls and 3D gaming among others in the last 20 years. Motion controls such as those used in Nintendo Wii may not substitute replace controllers. However, there have been changes in simulation and fitness as the industry continues to grow.

3D games have not fully developed but may reach developmental stages where 3D is more interactive. There is potential locked in old games that could be refined to include new, better games.

Gaming is either in the beginning of a new leap or the end of a creative decline. It all comes down to execution of these trends to ensure that the future is bright for the gaming industry.

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