How to Use Instagram: A Beginner’s Guide

Instagram has been around since October 6, 2010, and even on its release, it had 25,000 users. The first photo was a picture of the co-founder’s dog in 2010.

Are you new to Instagram and wondering how to use it? You’re in luck! Read on to explore these top tips and tricks for how to use Instagram with the complete beginner in mind.

How to Use Instagram

How to Sign Up

First, download the Instagram app right on your phone and then click sign up. From here, you can choose whether to create a new account or use your Facebook account to sign in. It’ll ask you to choose a username and password before you begin.

Understanding Instagram Notifications

When using Instagram, you’ll want to take a look at your notifications. You can modify it where you’ll only receive the notifications that you want. This allows you to choose certain people or to receive a notification whenever someone likes or comments on your posts.

If you’re unsure of where to begin with Instagram software notifications, keep it to everyone. You can always turn off certain notifications later on.

Navigation Time

One of the top Instagram tips is navigating the app.

There’s a link to IGTV and the menu bar. If you want to head back to your newsfeed at any time, you can click home.

When you first begin, you’ll be on your newsfeed. This is where you can see photos and videos from others that you follow.

You can also choose to follow your friends on Instagram or Facebook. Where it says profile you can edit your profile, change your picture, etc.

Instagram Stories

While posting pictures and videos are straightforward, you might want to use Instagram stories as well. This will allow you to post multiple videos and images into a slideshow.

Keep in mind that they’ll disappear after 24 hours. You can check out stories created by others as well.

Understanding Hashtags

This is a great way to increase engagement on your posts.

Use hashtags that align with what you post and avoid those that don’t. Relevant keywords in your hashtags are important since hashtags that don’t match with what you post will decrease your engagement.

Instagram will let you know how many people are currently using a hashtag. This will give you an idea of how competitive it is. Try to go for the hashtags that have lower usage.

Keep Posting

In order to keep your followers engaged, make sure that you post often. If you post at least once a day then that’s the ideal amount. You might lose a few followers if you go too long without posting content.

How To Use Instagram for Beginners

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea of how to use Instagram for beginners. Take your time setting up your Instagram and increasing your followers.

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