How to Track the Exact Rank for a Target Keyword for Free?

Checking ranks for a keyword for free is very much important and if you are wondering how you can check the exact rank position of a keyword then you are in the right place because we have gathered complete information about some tool that will tell you about keyword ranking and the position that they stand!

We want you guys to know all about keywords and keyword ranking before you know about the tool that can help you in this regard! So let us begin our article without any delay!

Position Tracking

Keywords and how they are ranked on search engines!

The words or the phrases that we use to search for a certain query are better known as keywords in the world of search engines and search engine optimization.

We want you guys to know that without keywords, there is no concept of ranking content on search results, and there are no other significant parameters that a search engine can use to rank content and that is why you need to know about the importance of keywords!

Keywords when they are searched are saved in the list of the search engine in which they rank it with respect to the density of their searches. The more a keyword is searched in a certain location, on a certain device, and on a specific search engine, the more it will affect the ranking position of it, and this is what this concept is all about.

If you think that posting content without properly stuffed and well-ranked keywords will help you rank your content and your site on a better position, then you are totally being mistaken and let us tell you that if you have a well-researched and well written unique content with no keywords and on the other hand you have a mediocrely written content with proper keywords in it, the latter one will be ranked above the first one as the search engine can only get to know about your content on the basis of the keywords you are using, the more, the better!

The keyword position checker tool by is one of the tools that lie completely on the factors that we have mentioned below, and that is why we have selected this for you guys!

Tracking the exact ranking of a keyword’s position!

Now that you know how important the keywords are for search engine optimization and that you have to use top-ranked words in your content, it is important that you know about top used words and also about their position on a website.

There are many tools that you will find on the web, but you must go for the ones that are the best and can get you with the most accurate results! Below are the factors that we have considered, and you should consider tools while you are looking for a keyword rank tracker tool!

  • Price is very much important, the tool must be free, or it should be affordable!
  • The tool should be capable enough to give you a detailed history of the position that a tool shares or has shared!
  • It should be able to give a complete analysis of the competition by monitoring the ranking of the words that are used by them!
  • It should be able to give you details of positions on the basis of devices and location tracking!
  • A good keyword position checker tool must be user-friendly!

The tool that we have mentioned below will simply help you in getting the exact ranking position of your selected keywords!

Keyword Position Checker by Search Engine Reports!

This is the best keyword position checker tool that will get you the most accurate ranks of a keyword, and the best part is that it is free and is very user-friendly. Even if you have never used this tool in the past, then don’t worry as the steps below will tell you how perfectly you can use this tool and can be a pro in its utilization!

  1. First, select the “by keyword” method of checking the ranking position from the top of the tool!
  2. Add the details that are being asked by the tool, start with adding your domain address in the domain bar. You have to enter the domain address of the site for which you are looking forward to checking keyword ranking!
  3. The next step is to simply select the location of the search engine which you are targeting your keywords for!
  4. After this, you have to select the device, either a smartphone or desktop!
  5. Add up to ten keywords in the huge vertical text box that you see in the tool’s interface; make sure that you enter one word per line!
  6. Then you have to enter the domain address of your competitor.

Click on the Search Ranking button below the box, and you will see the tool get you results within seconds! And this is how you get the exact rank position of a keyword that you are targeting!

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