How to Strengthen Cyber Security Cordon for Utility Sector

Security vulnerability in the infrastructure of utility sector has become a major concern today, as most of the air-gapped critical utility infrastructure is becoming more dependent on operational and information technologies.
It has been proven that operational technologies working for important infrastructure are filled with pre-dated and expired software and operating systems.

How to Strengthen Cyber Security Cordon

Cyber Security Cordon
Cyber Security

In addition, operational technologies often expose its greater point of weakness and most of the software and operating systems are typically under-protected and ignored for update and patching. However, here the matter of concern is that these technologies are not well protected to keep themselves safe from cyber criminals.

Thus, establishing up to date security management has become an important issue for every organization dealing with information technology. Therefore, you should be aware of the measures that should be taken to keep cyber criminals away.

Education and Awareness among Professionals

Today, organizations should focus on organizing comprehensive programs in order to create a strong security culture, so that each professional associated with the related jobs can make they aware of any kind of potential threat.

However, extending such programs to every level of workforce ranging from board member to frontline employees would be beneficial in terms of fighting against cyber criminals. In addition, while making an organizational-wide shift, make sure that all the concerned persons including key stakeholders are aware of challenges, issues, and risks associated with cyber attacks. You should give priority to the fact that awareness invites change.

Make the Service Provider Aware

Before you are going to establish a well-protected security cordon for your organization in terms of data protection, you will have to make sure that all external parties and service providers are aware of information security facts and understand the sensitivity of security control they are accountable for. If you find that, something needs to change immediately from a security perspective, make sure that you have disclosed the fact in education and awareness program, so that everyone can be aware of it.

Organizational Security and Architecture

In order to establish a well-protected cyber security management, you will have to ensure that your organizational security structure is well developed, because these structures should have connections with business attributes and objective to security principle and then external and internal cyber threats and its control. However, in order to lessen risks and support convergence, the enterprise-wide security structure should be enhanced from Information technology to operational technology.

Develop a Team of Skilled Professionals

An organization, concerned about cyber security, should have a team of professionals that can manage issues related to cyber security either by utilizing external help or with the available technology.

Team members should be available on demand so that your company does not suffer any loss for a long time. The team should be comprised of security operations experts, security architects, security tester and security managers. However, once you have been able to form a team of skilled security professionals, you will not have to rely on any kind of external resources. In addition, the security team will work for building and maintain the security cordon to keep any kind of cyber threat away from your organization.

However, if you do not want to employ highly skilled professionals in your organization due to high salary demand, then you can hire experts from agencies like Bay Computing, who can solve out any kind of information security problems encountered by your organization.

Well-Defined Security in Projects

If you have spent a lot in developing security cordon to fight with cyber security threats, then you will have to ensure that there will be a well-defined and effective process that can manage the security cordon throughout the life cycle of your projects.

However, the joint venture of information and operating technology has increased the complexity of cyber security, as experts are predicting that utility sectors across the world will witness more risks if right security mechanism has not been adopted by then.

Author Bio- Phil Homes closely observes latest updates related to information security facts. His blogs help people to be aware of the latest changes that should be implemented. 😀

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