How to Sell Food Online In India

Now A Days Online food Ordering has Rapidly increase in India WIth the advent of Food Startups and online food retailers In India. India’s Online Food Ordering Sector is Growing at 15% every Quarter.

Online food Order companies Such as Zomato , Swiggy And Uber eats etc are doing pretty well in The country and Witnessing tremendous market growth.

If you are a Student, Retired person or a Housewife etc you can also ripes benefits of such a growth by Creating a Website or App or you can Open a Account on Popular food Ordering Platform such as Zomato , Swiggy and Uber eats etc. SO In This Article I will Discuss How you can sell Food Online In India.

How To Sell Food Online: Tips & Tricks

How To Sell Food Online

First I will Discuss with you how you can Sell On popular food ordering apps such as Swiggy, Zomato and Uber Eats etc.

You have to follow below steps to register your food venture with Online leading Apps:

1] Acquire Shop and Kitchen Equipment

You need to Acquire a shop or Facility where you can Setup a Restaurant or Kitchen Facility.You also need to make list of all Kitchen Equipment required by you and Gather them Immediately. Also you need to Hire appropriate number of employees.

2] Company Registration

First step In the process is to open a Restaurant or Commercial Facility where you can Cook Food and Get Yourself Registered as a Company like Pvt Ltd or Partnership Firm Registration.

As You need to be Registered firm or company to be eligible to register yourself on Zomato,  Swiggy and Other online food ordering apps and Websites. For this you can contact a Legal Service provider like myonlineca.

3] FSSAI Registration

FSSAI Registration Is Must to start and Conduct any Food Related Business In India. One cannot commence any Food Operation without getting FSSAI Food License.

FSSAI Food License

There is Also Huge Penalty , if one fails to get FSSAI License and commences Food Business. You Can Seek help of Legal provider or FSSAI consultant to get FSSAI Registration and License In India.

4] GST Registration

IF Anybody is Selling Goods and Services In India, You are required to Get Gst Registration In India. You can take help Of a Gst Consultant or Legal Service Provider in India to get Gst Registration.

5] Registration On App or Website

Now when You have Acquired all The above requirement, Now You can move to get yourself registered on Online Food ordering app.

All you have to do for this is Visit Business page of Any Online food ordering app That you have selected to Sell Food on, Fill All your details In Simple registration Form and Upload all legal Documents.

After this Executive from The company will contact you for the verification and Once it is Completed , you can commence selling on these apps.

6] How to Sell Food Online in India By Creating a Website or App.

All The above Requirement are same. But here you are yourself making a Website or app to Sell food online.

7] Come up with a Name

First step is to comeup with  a name for company and Website and Register It by way of Trademark registration.

8] Acquire a Domain Name and Website Host

You need to Register a Domain Name and  Secure a web host for your Online food Ordering website and App. You can select Godaddy or Hostgator etc as webhost.

9] Create A website or App

You can create a website or app for online food ordering by yourself or Seek a professional help to Make a website or App.

10] Decide on How to Promote website

You can give Ads In Newspaper, Tv and Radio or you can  create A blog for your Food Ordering app or You can use social media websites as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, twitter etc to Promote Website.

How to Promote food website

Promoting on Social Media is Highly advisable as Swiggy, Zomato and other Food ordering apps are getting good results by Promoting on Social Media Platform.


When You have done all Steps That are listed above your business will be ready to be commenced and You can start Taking orders. Now All You have to Do Stick to all food standards and maintain Good Quality to achieve high Growth.

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  1. With an ever increasing number of food lovers, of course it is a great idea to start your own business, but some prior experience will definitely help your business. Apart from the mandatory registrations, there are a lot of aspects to be considered before starting an online food business, I think that you should initially study the response you get from the food ordering applications like Swiggy, Zomato etc. Once you get hold of the expense, response and demand of your food business you can then focus on establishing your own food website. Style of packaging, cleanliness are also important aspects which will boost the growth of your food business.

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