How To Overcome Space And Privacy Issues In A Coliving Space?

Not many are comfortable with the idea of living in shared accommodation. Chances are, you had a whole room to yourself back home but now that you have shifted to a new city to pursue your dreams, your budget only allows you a shared accommodation. Living with a roommate might not be a bad idea as long as your privacy is respected.

Overcome Space And Privacy Issues In Coliving Space

Everyone needs their own space and it is only normal to have this basic demand, no matter where you live. Which is why, it is critical to make a careful decision about the place you are moving in – is it too cramped, should you go for a random PG or try for a deal at a branded managed accommodation? How can you tackle space and privacy issues in coliving spaces?

Create Boundaries

It is all right to create boundaries with respect to things that are close to you. Although boundaries should be there for all your belongings but let us cut others some slack. Inform them about your thoughts and help them understand how boundaries are healthy.

Not telling them clearly will not only create unnecessary negativity but also make the whole mission of getting your own space and privacy moot.

Living in spacious and well thought off managed accommodations like Stanza Living also has the benefits of community spaces and quiet nooks so you are not in want of options when you want to sit by yourself or take a breather.

Tell the Authorities

You may think this might be going a bit far, but sometimes, certain roommates just cannot take the hint. If you feel someone is infringing on your privacy, taking your belongings or likely even stealing, it is always better to take strong and timely measures to counter the situation.

Such cases are prevalent in all cities, in some of the best PGs in Noida, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and a lot more. You will have to learn to take a stand.

Talk it Out

Communication is key. If you think that your roommate is unable to take a hint, it is easier to simply state the obvious and inform them about your preferences. There are several people who are unable to understand the concept of personal space and that is all right.

These people simply need some guidance in order to understand the new norms of living with strangers. Managed accommodation spaces sometimes try to match people according to their interests so it would be good to ask for ice-breaker sessions before you move in.

Make Friends

It is a simple mantra. As you go, make friends along the way. It is the easiest way to convey your thoughts and feelings without ruffling feathers. If you tell a friend about your need for space, they are more likely to understand than an apathetic stranger you have as a roommate.

They are more likely to ignore your request for privacy and do things as they please, even if it means disrupting your ‘me’ time and space. Make things easy by making friends.

Having their own privacy and space is every person’s right and there must not be any compromises on the same. Simply put, if you feel someone is creeping into your personal space, you have every right to say your mind.

With a clear stand, you will be able to overcome the space and privacy issues in a shared accommodation.

Professionally managed accommodation often have the on-ground staff to help you manage any concerns. It’s a wise idea to approach a neutral person if you are facing any challenges.

They also invest deeply in a community building so that your accommodation is not just bricks and walls but a place where friendships get nurtured.

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