How to Improve Domain Authority of Your Website

There are various factors taken into consideration by Google while SEO ranking is granted to a website. A particular feature, namely Domain Authority of a site is one that is taken into consideration.

It is basically a matrix developed by Moz. The greatness of domain authority determines more ranking to the site and consequently more traffic to that particular site. It is also a measure of your effort regarding SEO upon the other website that belongs to your competitor.

How to Increase Domain Authority of Domain

How to Increase the Domain Authority

It is entirely different from Page Authority. Page Authority measures only the ranking strength of a single web page where as Domain Authority measures both ranking strength and strength of the entire Domain.

Domain Authority is measured on a scale designed by Moz. It has scaling from 1 to 100, where 1 means worst and 100 means the best. The measure is made by taking into consideration about 40 various factors like Moz Trust, MozRank, Quality Content and Social Signals. Here you can easily check you site DA –

We now know why Domain Authority is important. So, we should know the means of improving that of our website. There are various methods to increase the scores of Domain Authority. It should start from the very inception of the website.

• Good choice of Domain Name

One should pick a domain name that is pertaining to the website. One should understand what the website deals with just by looking at the domain name. The domain name should be such that visitors remember the name easily. So, that they do not have to scratch their head if they again want to visit your site.

You can also use an old domain so that you do not have to bother about the age of the domain. Renewal of domain should also be kept in mind.

• On-Page Content Optimization

SEO is a matter of importance for both Google ranking and domain authority. So, it should be kept in mind to optimize all your on page coding. You should also make your tags optimized. The content that you put in your website should be optimized too. The keywords that you use should include variation and you should use short and relevant permalinks.

• Creation of linkable content

You must publish high quality content regularly. This will ensure you to earn high quality links from various domains. This is treated as important factor by both MozRank and MozTrust. The quality of your content will make other sites to link it with their.

The quality of your content should be such that they are pertaining to the brand and audience. It should be enlightening, imaginative and well written.

• Improvement of internal linking structure

You should not be so busy about having external links that you disregard the factor of having internal links. Internal links helps visitors to find exactly what they are searching for and improves their experience while they are on your website. It helps to eliminate frustration of visitors and keep them glued to your website for a period of time. It additionally helps search engines to index your site.

• Removal of Toxic Links

You should often have a run through your link profile. If you find any bad or toxic links immediately remove those. These links hurts your domain authority instead of helping it. You should likewise remove any link that is posted all over your website, which may lead to bad sites. There is special software which helps you to check your links and you can take action likewise.

• Mobile friendly website

People now a day frequently use their smart phones to check any website. So, if your website is not mobile friendly then you are lagging behind your competitor. It will in a way make you lose mobile search engine ranking and many visitors too. Visitors will lose the urge to visit your website when they will find that your website is not mobile friendly. By use of software you can check the mobile friendliness of your site. If you see that you falter, action should be taken immediately to rectify it.

• Create your own authority

By providing quality content, which are informative and creative create an authority of yourself in the niche that you work with. People should feel that if they go to your site they will find proper information. This could be attained by having an engagement with your followers through other social media.

This will boost your brand identity. This will not only help you have more visitors but also help you to have more external links from other reputed sites. You can in a like manner publish guest blogs on various other sites that are similar in nature to the industry that you work with.

• Greater Loading Speed

People have very little patience now. They will leave a website if they see that it is taking time to load. So make the loading speed of your website faster.

If you follow these tips, you are certain to improve your Domain Authority of your website and you will see improving of DA using this checker 🙂

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