How to Decide on the Right E-commerce Platform

Whether small to medium-sized entrepreneurs or start-up entrepreneurs, e-commerce solutions are the basic needs of any business. Though the choice of the e-commerce solution depends on the business model, it is important to acquire the right one to have your business reaching new heights.

Here, we are considering two major e-commerce platforms, Shopify and Cratejoy. These e-commerce platforms often have people on the fence, making “which one to choose?” a difficult question.

major e-commerce platforms

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So, here we provide you with a few key factors that you need to know before you jump on any one of them.


It is a hosted shopping cart and one of the industry leaders; it has made its name as one of the best and most reliable e-commerce platforms serving over 325,000 business personnel worldwide.

If you are looking for a complex yet easy-to-use online web store to sell your products online, then Shopify is the ideal choice for your business, as it the pure e-commerce builder and gives you full control over the coding of your website.

Shopify is prominent for the implementation of top-end and unique features, known as one of the most dynamically developing e-commerce solutions.

Upper hand factors

  • Allows multiple integrations with shipping carriers, dropshipping companies and also allows the use of a subscription plugin.
  • Comes with a built-in mobile app to receive payments and manage the store at ease.
  • Shopify’s admin panel allows using various design themes and also provides a built-in blog feature.
  • Quick-easy solution with many benefits.
  • To make it more favorable to the end-user, their apps provide support to the built-in search functionality.
  • It offers a point of sale system for transactions in the physical stores.
  • Security is top priority.


  • You don’t get vast customization options within the templates.
  • Images or files can’t be uploaded by default, but there are apps that support the features.

Why Shopify? – Reasons to choose Shopify

Shopify Company

  • Ideal choice to sell a wide range of products also on a subscription basis.
  • Great integration with shipping carriers and dropshipping companies.
  • Get your site up quickly for sales needs.
  • Has a stable, powerful and secure (SSL) solution.


Cratejoy stands different from Shopify and is completely focused on the subscription-based e-commerce for different lifestyles. With its core purpose of quick delivery of products through a subscription box service, it is designed to serve the same without requiring plugins to achieve it.

Upper hand Factors

  • It lets you convert an existing website into an online store with ease.
  • Offers solutions for your subscription business and online store needs.
  • Offers an easy-to-maintain solution which is SEO friendly.
  • SEO optimized listing.


  • Handling multiple products at once becomes more challenging.
  • Limitations for adding the product details.
  • No pre-order product options and no information at the backend highlight the on-time product purchases.
  • The subscription purchases can only be viewed.
  • No theme options or blog interpretations available.
  • Subscriptions can’t be categorized.
  • Image and files cannot be uploaded, like in any other CMS’s.
  • No app is available that assists the functionalities.

Why Cratejoy? – Reasons to choose Cratejoy

  • If customers are likely to purchase the items in a set frequency.
  • When the conversion of the existing site is required and not the fresh startup.
  • If your customers count on quick delivery and order processing.
  • Easy to maintain and SEO friendly option.

Now that we have learned the favorable factors and unfavorable factors of Shopify and Cratejoy, it’s time to know which one best suits online business. So, let’s take a look at the Cratejoy vs Shopify comparison before we decide between them.

Which one to Choose? – Cratejoy vs Shopify

If you are looking for a robust multi-purpose store to sell multiple offerings with easy product management and back-end handling, then Shopify is the simplest way to go and is most recommended.

However, Cratejoy is focused on subscription-based e-commerce with no plugins or support for the built-in functionalities, but Shopify enables the Apps that support the built-in functionalities to enhance the end-user experience.

So, overall, it can be said that if you are up to an online store with subscription services, then Cratejoy serves as the best platform. Nonetheless, if your plan is to have a general store that serves well with multiple integrations and also with subscription, then Shopify is what you need.

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