How to Check Facebook Group Insights?

Facebook has been proven as a revolutionary social media platform.  With the vision of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook has not only become the largest social media website and application, but it has also come up with various diversified, unique features that are helpful for people to interact and share ideas, views, points etc. Facebook is allowing the users to create various groups that have common interests or goals etc.

Facebook Group Updates: Insights, Scheduled Posts

Facebook Group Insights

Facebook has given the broader picture to the audience to push in terms of building the community goal.  The person, who created the group is known as Admin.

The group insight is nothing but the analytics related to the page, growth of the group/page, engagement metrics, memberships etc. There are certain features available on the Facebook that helps the person to check the insights of the Facebook Group.

View Insights:

View Insights

You can click on the Facebook gear wheel symbol and select the “View Insights” option. By clicking the same, you will be able to see the graph that will show the various insights on the dashboard such as total number of likes, the number of friends available in the group, active participants etc. Also, the weekly reach of the same can be measured.

Virality of the Posts:

Facebook is allowing the person, who is an admin and along with him/her, the other moderators, to schedule the various posts at the times, when the content is convenient for the user to post. The person can write the variety of the seo content at the same time, and then schedule the same to be posted at the various dates, days and time of the week.

Once, the person is able to access the graph and derive the needed information out of the same, below the graph, the person can see the virality as far as posts are concerned. This shall help the person know that which are the posts or blogs those are trending in the group.

Also, you can even diversify the same according to the various options such as posts, photos, links, platform posts, videos, questions and more. The success ratio of the particular post can be determined with the help of this feature.

Apart from the same, you can also determine the day on which the post is made and the reach that the particular post has covered. The same can make the person understand that how many people are actually engaged in the activity related to the particular post. Even, you can determine the virality of the same according to various percentages.


This is the most common and most popular feature used by almost all the users. When you click on the like button, you will be able to know the demographics of the group members, along with several other information such as geographical location, age, gender etc. Also, you will be able to see the sources of the likes. You can even find out the search by likes and search by unlikes.

Such feature always helps you to create the content that is popular among the viewers. You can even get the answers such as what went wrong with the particular post? Or what was so entertaining about the post? Or what drew the attention of the members? Having such information helps you to understand your target audience and preferences of your target audience.


The writer of the post always wants to know that to what extent his or her content has captured the attention of the readers or to what level his or her content has reached. Is your content is actually reaching to your targeted audience or not? Is your audience satisfied with the post or not? Well, if you want to know the reach of your posts then this section can be useful for you to get the information.

The important part of the same involves that which medium the audience has chosen (Paid, searches or viral) to reach out to your post can be determined. Hence, it is one of the most effective tools.

Talking about this:

Talking about this

This provides the valuable information related to your post and helps you know that who all are talking about the same. It gives the detailed information in the statistical, percentage and chart format.  This information is valuable to know the current trends pertaining in the market.

Explore more data:

You can extract the data by clicking on the “Page Level Data” and exporting the same in the excel format. You can derive the data by putting the filters to valuable information you need.  The sheet will be containing the variety of information such as total daily reach, lifetime total likes, etc.

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