3 Ways to Be Happy Without Boundaries

Life is about, to be happy and to look after oneself. One should be free of any burdens, worries and complexities that there are, but this is just a utopian state someone thinking that they will never get to taste the raw, unjust behavior of life. Life is crude, life is real and it’s meant to be felt in the same manner. There’s no such thing as happy life, in fact life’s happiness is inside the rawness, the strange encounters, to realize the benefits of drinking water, to be able to breathe fresh air.

If we are happy that we are married to the person we love the most, have kids to look after and to care for, a stable job to earn from, family and friends nearby to connect with and yet you burst out your anger at the pettiest of things is not the sign of leading a happy life. Yes, anger is a reality and sometimes you are meant to go mad at people and situations but unnecessary agitation is a sign of stress or tension or maybe even unhappiness.

There is no hard science into finding how someone can be happy without having to buy anything, or rely on something or someone. One has to look into the tiniest of things in life and understand to connect the dots and arrange what is not in the right place. And to put into the right place you have to make possibly the easiest of amendments in your daily life chores. We have a compiled a very small list of ways for you to understand how happiness can be achieved without money, without the help of anyone else and without any boundaries. Follow the easy recommendations and start making positive changes in to your life.

How to be happy alone
How to be happy


This is the reality, happiness isn’t buried somewhere deep inside, it is a compound found in everything that is both on the surface and under the ground. So for beginners, digging the depths shouldn’t be an option rather scraping off happiness from the surface is the best thing that can be done. The tiniest of things, changes made and new rules introduced can help you move towards the deeper more profound happiness’s.

For instance, you can start off by setting up your sleep pattern straight. Since most of us are late sleepers we tend to wake up not so fresh in the morning. If you realize the fact that the work pending in the laptop, can survive on its own till morning and that early to bed and early to rise will also give you ample time to re-work on the missing things, you will find that a early hop in the bed a night before has actually re-energized you.

Similarly, a good and fulfilling breakfast alongside will b a cherry on the top. As your body requires energy, it keeps on replenishing the amount of energy inside and you constantly have to fill yourself up. A good fiber rich breakfast will keep you full for a longer run, hence keeping you satisfied during the busy hours. Never compromise on your hunger and your sleep.

How to become happy alone
How to become happy


You might have had a rough day at the office or it might even be a rough patch and you really want to go ahead and have a very distasteful session with either your boss or your colleague. Here many people suggest venting out to relieve stress. But, there are chances you will be messing up the situation even further. The key to get rid of anger is not only through venting and yelling rather there are other ways to do the required. Leaving the place, discontinuing further argument, sipping a glass of water, sitting don incase of standing and vice versa, are all ways in which one can divert their minds and thoughts from avenging and utilize it into thinking straight.

There is no doubt that we are often agitated in long queues at the grocery store where we witness one of the world’s slowest cash registrar slipping things ahead, but instead of going harsh on them we should be taking care of understanding the human value that is not often attached to them as salespersons. Your one wrong gesture can, not only affect you, but all the other people that might be standing along with you. For family and relationship issues, the case is not much different. Constant whining, madness and anger will make your partner feel uncomfortable and not very secure around you. It doesn’t matter how loving you really are, and how much you care for that person but, if you keep on getting annoyed on the little things of life chances are that your partners will secretly hate you.

how to find happiness
Finding happiness


Excessive weight is also found to be one of the reasons why people feel unhappy about life. The reasons are a bit different than the professional dissatisfaction or relationship mishaps. But the sense of insecurity is present everywhere. I used to gobble up cups of ice-cream to treat my depression, stress and anxiety and the end result was that I gained weight uncontrollably and this gathered a sense of dejection and repulsion for self. I hate myself, not only for my physical appearance but as a person as well, for I was too vulnerable to have let my-self change my entire image.

Never treat yourself to some happy or comfort food just because you think you have o let go of your EX or you are happy that your EX just got dumped by the girl he was cheating on with you. Since that treat is doing more bad to you and you will see the results, soon. The guilt on the other hand is another strong factor that will make your life miserable down the lane.

key to happiness
How to be happy in life

Finding happiness in life is like ‘Finding Nemo’ you will start the search after you have made happiness run away from your life and in the course to find it you will meet many strangers like Dory, sharing the same life views, goals and aims. It is all about sticking to the little things in life and concentrating on you, the most.

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