How To Avoid Parasites And Some Handy Detoxification Tips

There is an invisible battle being waged every day in our bodies – a battle between the immune system and toxic agents that try to roost in the organs.

Our immune system usually wins the battle, and when it does get a bloody nose once in a while, we feel it in the form of various symptoms. However, sometimes, we can be our immune system’s worst enemy – by not providing it the best conditions to stay fighting fit.

How To Avoid Parasites

We are all familiar with parasite-caused diseases. Some of these diseases kill hundreds of thousands across the world. Dr. Todd Watts from Microbe Formulas says that malaria is one of the illnesses that is caused by a protozoan parasite. Then there are other types of parasites that reside in our body and do not cause harm until they are given the right environment to expand – e.g. Candida.

How To Deal With Parasites?

So what are the habits you can adapt to prevent and fight parasite infections? Let us start with hygiene. Do you have small children and pets at home? That is a great thing – pets are known to boost the immunity of children in the long run. But it also means that you need to keep a close eye on things. A lot of parasites spread through contact and feces.

Your pet’s litter area should be sanitized every day and ideally in a space away from where the humans spend most of their time. Your children need to be taught basic hygiene habits like washing hands before meals and after playing with the pets.

Use antiparasitic medicines on your pets when necessary and take them for regular check-ups at the vets. Parasites can be detected from stool and blood samples.

Travelers Need To Beware

Are you traveling any time soon or do you hit the road often? While traveling, we have a higher probability of being exposed to unhygienic environments. It could mean having to use a public restroom that is not maintained well or having to consume food at an unhygienic place. Those who travel to the tropics have to be extra careful because of the natural prevalence of a large number of disease-causing parasites.

Travelers Need To Beware

Research the place you are visiting. Make a note of the seasonal diseases that are prevalent there. Talk to your local physician and have your shots to immunize yourself as much as possible. Washing your hands or keeping a sanitizer handy when you are traveling is a good habit – especially after using common areas.

Polluted water is one of the biggest sources of parasites. Avoid eating food items made from ice or water if you are not sure about where it has been sourced from. Do not drink water from the tap – many countries do not have drinking-quality water available in the regular water supply system.

The extra money you spend on bottled water is a good investment for your health. Swimming pools are another place where one can catch parasites – therefore the shower before and after the swim is very essential.

Diet Habits To Hit Back At Parasites

Rule number one about parasites is – do not make life comfortable for them. That is how they thrive and take over. Imagine a scenario where you are feeding your body the nutrients it needs to function but the goodies are getting siphoned off by an infiltrator – a dirty parasite. Your diet plays an important part.

Are you eating a lot of carb-heavy and sugary items – the main staple of junk food? That is good news for your resident parasite and very bad news for your body. What you are doing is making it stronger.

Parasites can take over the gut and upset the microbe balance necessary for a normal, stress-free digestion routine. With the reduction of good digestion-friendly bacteria and the invasion of a toxic foreign agent, the disruption will start to manifest in symptoms like constipation, bloatedness, and diarrhea.

Take control of your diet by reducing the number of carbs and if possible, taking sugar out of the equation. Add more fiber to the meals. The magic of fiber lies in the fact that it cleans up your digestive tract and helps regulate bowel movement.

Some of the best sources of fiber are the most easily available leafy greens. Broccoli, potatoes with the skin, nuts, and whole grains are also great fiber providers. Besides fiber, you can also expel parasites out of your body by getting some anti-parasitic solutions from your doctor and adding items like probiotics, cinnamon, olive oil, garlic, and apple cider vinegar to your diet list.

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